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12 Frightening Facts About Identity Theft

     Identity theft facts and figure reveal that the crime of identity theft is becoming a bigger problem every year. In 2008 more than 10 million Americans fell victim to identity thieves. No crime in history has ever grown as fast as identity theft.

Identity theft - the facts

1. Identity fraud takes place all over the world but is more common in richer neighbourhoods.

2. You are vulnerable to identity theft whether you live in a big city or a small town. When you live in a small town you will be less likely to become the victim of street crime or burglary, but you will still be as vulnerable to electronic thefts as anyone else.

3. Living in a close-knit community where you know the bank staff and postal workers by their first names does not make you safe from identity fraud. Some identity thieves use sophisticated computer equipment to obtain personal information from databases anywhere in the world.

4. It is an unpleasant fact that half of all identity theft is carried out by someone the victim knows. The thief could be an acquaintance, or a lodger, but there are numerous cases on record where the crime has been committed by a close family member (for instance, a son or a sister).

5. The Federal Trade Commission estimated that in about 9 percent (one in every eleven) of identity theft cases, the culprit was a family member. Family members are in the ideal position to get hold of personal information. The offence can remain hidden when the culprit lives in the same residence as the victim as the thief can intercept incriminating phone calls or letters.

6. Nearly half of all identity theft victims (estimates vary between 38-48 percent) discover their identity has been stolen within three months.

7. About 15 percent of identity theft victims do not discover the crime has been committed for four years or even longer.

8. The average number of times a stolen Social Security Number is used (mostly by illegal immigrants) to gain employment is 30.

9. Many stolen American Social Security Numbers belong to children. These numbers can be used for years because the minor does not need to use the Social Security Number. The theft often does not come to light until the minor applies for his/her first job or applies for a student loan.

10. A person whose Social Security Number has been used by identity thieves in financial dealings will face extreme difficulty in getting credit because of an unfavourable credit history.

11. Resolving a long-standing case of identity fraud can take years.

12. There are cases where innocent people have been placed under arrest for crimes committed by an identity thief.

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The current identity theft facts and statistics are sufficiently serious to alert every one of us to the dangers posed by identity thieves. At you can learn the best way to take care of your identity by keeping your personal privacy intact.

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