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3 Things You Can Do To Guarantee Your Small Business Success

     Do you want the secret to making sure that your small business succeeds in this economy?

As a matter of fact - this secret will guarantee that the long term vision you have for your business will absolutely come true.

What is the secret?  The secret to your success is "you."  Let me explain...

If someone offered you $10 million dollars to double your business profits in the next 30 days, could you do it?

For 10 million dollars..?  You probably confidently nodded you head, thinking to yourself that you could.

What you would do to make it happen? Everything.

Would anything get in your way? Probably not.

So, if you can succeed - and you want to succeed -  then what is holding you back, now?

Overcoming our biggest obstacle

If you are not succeeding like you want to - the biggest obstacle is "you." Let me explain...

In "The Tripping Point in Leadership," author David Byrd says that the biggest obstacle to our success is something called "apathy."

He defines apathy as:

"A natural human instinct, common to us all, that consistently encourages us to seek a comfort zone, in which nothing ever changes."

In other words -  we fail because we give into our comfort zone.

Our desire to be comfortable, is what prevents us from succeeding in our business, family, community etc. - and seeing our dreams come true.

So, if you want to succeed you have to get out of your comfort zone - and embrace being uncomfortable.

Now am I saying that all comfort is bad?  Of course not.  But any comfort that is keeping you from getting what you want - (like Michael Jackson said) is really, really bad.

3 things you can do to make sure your small business succeeds

Overcoming your comfort zone is not easy.

So I have given you 3 tips below  that are guaranteed to help you overcome your comfort zone.

1. Just Do 1 thing - We need to commit ourselves to doing one thing every week -  no matter how hard, or uncomfortable - that will drive our business forward.

Not 5 things or 10 things - but only one thing.

Is it cold calling?  Is it firing a bad employee?  Is going out to sell?  Whatever it is, just focus all your energy - and do it.

Can you imagine what your business will look like after 12 weeks of doing this?  How about 52 weeks?

2. Eliminate the "conversation" - The conversation is when we try to reason with ourselves to do what we don't want to do.

Let's face it - we fail that argument most of the time.

The only solution is to stop negative thoughts in their tracks before they even start.   This means not allowing even a hint of negativity, or distracting thoughts into your mind.

Would you entertain a murderer or rapist in your home?  Then why entertain destructive thoughts in your head?

3. Be accountable - When we are alone, we give into our comfort zone, because it is easy for us to.

We need to be around people who will call us higher - and make it really hard for us to fail.

In other words you need a mastermind group of your peers that are serious about succeeding - and that will challenge you and call you higher.

If you think it will be hard to find this kind of mastermind group, you can join mine.  Check out our Mastermind Group Program by clicking here.

Do you want to make sure your small business succeeds?

Well, you have everything that it takes.

All you have to do is to overcome the biggest obstacle that is facing you - your comfort zone.

You can do this by:

·Making a decision to do one high value task, no matter how uncomfortable - weekly;

·Not allowing even a hint of a negative, insecure, excusing thought in your head;

·Surrounding yourself with a mastermind group of people who will call you higher...

Then there is nothing that can stop you from fulfilling your God given ability to succeed.

So do it already.

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Will Pena, MBA is the founder of a small business consulting company, Sapient Business Solutions Inc - specializing in helping small businesses to get more customers, close more sales and make more money in as little as 30 days.

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