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4 Hilarious Birthday Party Suggestions for Special People Turning Fifty

     Birthdays allow friends and family to come together and have fun with the celebrant. Birthdays happen only one time per year and gatherings should be made as wonderful and memorable as possible, specially in the case of a person's 50th birthday. For something more unique, you should consider the following funny Birthday Party Ideas for someone turning 50:

Plan a retirement-inspired party

Retirement is one thing that most 50-year-old people are contemplating about, hence why not try to use it as an inspiration for the party? Set up a party for the celebrant that will definitely tell everybody of the perception of retirement. Acquire different retirement periodicals and put them on top of the coffee tables for the friends and birthday celebrant to read. Have the guest-of-honor sit on a wheel chair before the visitors and then show an audio-visual slides show that chronicles the celebrant's life at work, as well as funny birthday greetings from his or her boss and co-employees. Dish out "elderly" foods like sweets which look like vitamin supplements and also a cake that looks like a worn-out alarm clock or perhaps an adult diaper.

Let the birthday celebrant appreciate an out-of-this-world lawn display

Humorous lawn displays can help brighten the birthday celebrant's special day. You can execute this surprise by yourself or you can browse the net or telephone directory for a local company which specializes in creating birthday signage. You may work with the company so you can make a design that is amusing and appropriate for the individual. For instance, if you know that the birthday celebrant plans of retiring to Florida sometime in the near future, you could consider a theme of fifty pink flamingos. On the eve of the birthday, this company will secretly put up the display on the celebrant's garden. Let the celebrant enjoy the surprise even more by making a light morning meal or perhaps a basket of different goodies for him or her to take pleasure from while looking at the display.

Give treats meant for older folks

If you do not have enough time to plan social gatherings or you don't have a big spending budget, you can just give the birthday celebrant different gag gifts that he or she will not forget. Think of funny and nonsensical gifts like a walking stick, hot water plastic bottles, coke bottle drinking glasses or perhaps a pack of adult nappies. On the other hand, you may also give a present that the birthday celebrant can actually use but is nonetheless humorous such as sculpted paperweights that appear like false teeth or perhaps bookends which resemble gravestones.

Give humorous foodstuffs

If the birthday celebrant is fond of food, you can give her / him something which will both satisfy the taste buds and tickle the funny bone. You can give chocolate candy bars with the tags personalized to look like bowel irregularity medications or replace the label of a milk-based cocktail with the label of an upset stomach medication. You can even order a cake molded to look like a headstone with the celebrant's name or just overload a cake with as many candles as possible.

While unique and certainly unforgettable, these funny birthday ideas should be reserved only for people who have a good sense of humor.

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