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4 Important Tips in Fire Safety Training For Kids

     Fires are dangerous and can occur in places you least expect them to. It is very important to prepare your little children about fire safety. However, you may have prepared them very well, but kids have extreme reactions to emergencies such as fire outbreak. It is up to you to teach them how to avoid causing a fire and how to protect themselves in case of a fire.

Each year, in the U.S around 800 kids die in fires, and more than 2000 are injured. It is essential that your kids know the safety tips to protect themselves in an emergency situation. They must be calm and follow the escape plan you have set in place.

Here are four important fire safety training tips to teach your kids.

Keep away from fire:Children must know to keep away from sources of fire, like candles, matches, lighters, and so on. They must be taught about the dangers of playing with these items. Children, who know the dangers and understand how fast fire spreads, will usually not play with items that could start a fire. Whenever there is a fire, be it a bonfire or firecrackers, make sure your kids are under supervision at all times. They must never be left unattended.

The stop, drop, and roll technique: This is something a kid should be taught from a very young age. If their clothes catch fire, kids should immediately stop all movement and fall (drop) to the ground, and then roll on the ground to put off the fire. It is good if you practice this technique couple of times at home and teach them to do it right so they don't get hurt. Practice also helps them "learn" it so they don't forget what to do when it really happens.

Work out an escape plan: You must work out an escape plan together in case of a fire breaks out at your house. The escape plans includes important points like which exists must be uses, what should be taken along on the way out and what should be left behind, and deciding a meeting place where the kids can be found an rescued. Schools must also have an escape plan in case of emergencies. It is important to practice evacuation at home so that the kids know exactly what to do in such situations.

Firefighters are friends: It is essential that you teach your kids that firefighters are their friends. Generally, when firefighters come in to a burning building in their full uniforms to get a kid out, he/she is scared and tries to move away from them. It would be good to take your kids to the nearest fire station to see how firefighters look. This will help them to trust the firefighters if ever they are caught in a fire. Kids must know that they will be safe with them and they will help them get out of the building.

These techniques will help your kids to stay calm and keep safe until they are rescued. From a young age, kids should be taught these things. It is essential to their safety.

For more information, please visit our Texas HB 300 website.

For more information, please visit our Texas HB 300 website

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For more information, please visit our Texas HB 300 website.

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