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4 Important Truths about Capricorn Rising

     Someone's rising sign is the result of the zodiac sign that was moving on top of the eastern horizon at the precise time they were born. The rising sign, which is also called the Ascendant, often deals with our inherent defenses and our natural reactions to everyday problems and life situations. To get insights to help you face personal issues, interact successfully with others, and understand your own personality, it is a good idea to gain a full understanding of your rising sign. Following are important details pertaining to Capricorn Rising.

Its planetary ruler is Saturn.

The Capricorn Rising sign is ruled by Saturn, a planet of restriction, longevity and structure. It implies a restricted structure or a difficult birth and certain difficulties. Capricorns may experience trials, but by perservering will conquer the challenges.

The experiences of growing up are integral to how a Capricorn Rising individual develops.

Parents who are at the bad extreme, however, might push their children to be something they are not. One of the distinguishing characteristics of a Capricorn Rising is the tendency to become very responsible individuals who can be readily relied upon by family and friends. Usually these individuals assume such roles from a young age either because their families have molded their personalities for such a role, or because they themselves took on this role all on their own. Family is very important to Capricorn Risings, who are always concerned about keeping their loved ones safe and secure.

"Serious, success-driven, and competent" are terms that describe people who are Capricorn Rising.

Seriousness is a distinctive trait of Capricorn Rising people. This seriousness is accompanied by competence and a mind geared toward success. Due to the driven nature of Capricorn Rising, folks born under this sign tend to be highly successful. Typically, they will be highly aware of the impact they have upon those around them. Generally speaking, a person with Capricorn rising will be diligent and responsible and consider their appearance and behavior very important. They must be on guard for taking on excessive pressure. Capricorn Rising describes people who endure mental turmoil due to their feelings of inadequacy. These individuals constantly worry if they are working hard enough or providing properly for themselves and those they love.

They work well in structured environments.

Because of the Capricorn Ascendant’s affinity for structure and goal-oriented mindset, they function well in structured work environments. Such folks tend to make good managers or supervisors. People born under the Capricorn Rising sign thrive on formality. Their decision making process and actions are based more on what they perceive as acceptable standards and norms instead of trusting their feelings. They need to know every rule first and then change their behavior into these actions. In general, they are quite qualified to be in positions of authority; unfortunately, they can be quite strict and controlling in these positions.

Rising signs help a person understand himself and how he interacts with others but, ultimately, the quality of a person's life depends on how he uses his personal traits in the choices he makes.

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