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4 Pieces to the Natal Chart Puzzle

     A natal chart is composed of information that comes from the planets, zodiacs, houses, and aspects.

Natal charts are astrological references that determine an assumption of a person's character, fate, and well-being. It is a working diagram that provides a reading of characters that will compliment and contrast each other. To fully understand the knowledge a natal chart can provide, it is essential to know the elements that compose one.


There are generally 10 planets used in astrology. These planets include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. To complete the 10 planets, the Sun, Moon, and some asteroids are also used. Astrologers use the planets to interpret a person's emotional desires and wants. Planets will determine a person's need for security, love, acceptance, and all other emotional necessities. Planets will tell the basic impulse of urges and desires that will motivate a person to reach a certain goal. For example, the position of Mercury at a person's birth will determine the desire to attain knowledge and communicate with others.


There are twelve zodiac signs used by astrologers. These are Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, and Aries. Zodiac signs are equally divided in the sky. Interpreting the zodiacs will show us the mechanism of an individual's perspectives. It will explain the process and the reasons and motivation behind a person's actions and beliefs of certain things. For example, if you are born when the planet of Mercury and is located under the sky's zodiac of Sagittarius. then you will tend to learn spontaneously and direct communication with others.


Natal charts contain 12 spheres of houses. These are the 1st House of Self, 2nd House of Resources, 3rd House of Communication, 4th House of Family, 5th House of Creativity, 6th House of Health, 7th House of Relationships, 8th House of Inner Psyche, 9th House of Education and Spirituality, 10th House of Career, 11th House of Friendship, and the 12th House of Transcendent Life. The houses tell of the life aspects of an individual and will integrate the basic needs and how a person will function in one's areas of life, like family, friendships, and career. For example, if Mercury, which represents communication and learning. is under the 5th House of Creativity then that person will prove to love communicating for expressing oneself and will tend to enjoy leisure activities like poetry and writing.


Aspects are referred to as the planetary dynamics and define the relationship between planets to each another. The arrangement of the planets will show if a certain characteristic will conjunct with or oppose each other. Planets that conjunct are arranged in a close and parallel location with each other. On the other hand, planets that are in opposition lie oppositely away from each other. Planetary aspects may be positioned to conjunct, oppose, square, trine, or textile. Conjunction shows as union while opposition interprets it as tension.

These components are evaluated along with the individual's culture and personal perspectives to provide an astrological perception of a person's well-being and fate.

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