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5 Easy Guitar Lessons

     Have you always had a desire to learn to play the guitar? Maybe you would like to teach yourself guitar but never had the opportunity or you were told or thought that your fingers were too small or too big or some other nonsense. If you KNEW that you could learn to play the guitar, would you give it a try? If you knew that there were easy guitar lessons availble, adult guitar lessons that will teach you chords and strumming and begins at the very beginning so you don't need to know anything before you start would you want to learn?

Did you know that you only need do do three things to learn how to play the guitar.

First. You'll need a guitar. But don't buy the cheapest guitar out there with the attitude that you don't want to spend too much in case you won't stick with it. If your guitar is "junk" then I can guarantee that you wont stick with it and you'll probably think the problem is you.

If you spend about $150.00 you can get a good entry level guitar made by a real guitar company. Yamaha, Fender, Gibson, Washburn and Seagull to name a few all have guitars in that price range.

You can start on an electric or an acoustic guitar. They are actually an identical instrument. They look and sound different and the sound of the electric guitar is better suited to some styles of playing and the acoustic is better suited for other styles but if you can play one you can play the other. So pick the guitar of your preference.

Don't listen to anyone who says you should learn to play an acoustic first. That's hogwash! If you love playing your guitar and feel good holding it you'll practice more. That leads us to the second thing.

The second thing you need is a committment to practice. This probably should have been first because if you aren't going to practice you simply won't learn. The ideal amount of time you need to spend practicing everyday is 30 minutes. Now if you practice longer longer you'll progress quicker. If you have a day that you miss that's okay however try not to miss any days. It's like the attitude of a lot of winning sports teams. It's okay to lose a game just don't lose two in row. You might start a trend..

Now we come to the third thing. You need a method of some kind to learn to play the guitar. Most people who are interested in adult guitar lessons want to learn how to play guitar chords and strum the guitar. If that's you, then you need easy guitar lessons. Since you don't know how to play, I doubt if you know what chords you should learn first or how you should strum the guitar. You need some easy guitar lessons that focus on the easiest chords first and the basics of strumming.

You see, you need to follow a step by step learning system that is simply focusing on just the guitar basics. Chording and strumming the guitar and how you actually place your fingers and thumb to get clear sounding chords. And how to strum the guitar so that youll sound like an experienced player in a very short time. If the system really was easy guitar lessons do you think you could teach yourself guitar? I know that if you want to you can.

It has been said that most of us die with the music still in us. Don't let this happen to you.

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Now if what I have said feels like the solution you are looking I invite you to check out the teach yourself guitar resourses at

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