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5 Mistakes To Avoid At A Software Sales Interview

     You have finally got in front of the hiring manager for your dream software sales job. You think you have everything covered the truth is you probably have. Just in case here is some useful information to add to your checklist. Things could potentially go wrong unlikely as long as you pay attention to these five key areas.

1. Turn up on time

Before you cringe at this one it is still important. No matter that we now seem to live in an era where flexibility in the workplace is accepted and 'cool' is the word of the moment. Being late for an interview without a majorly good reason is unacceptable. The reason it is such an issue is the message it sends. Many companies I speak to comment that if someone turns up late for an interview how are they going to treat potential sales presentations with clients in the future.

2. Dress and look the part

This is basic stuff and yet people still make mistakes. Surprisingly the latest research puts the figure as high as twenty percent of candidates make mistakes in this department and as a result lose out on, potentially the job of their dreams.

3. Using a phone

Many moons ago this would never happen. Yet today's frenetic world of smart phones and the strange need to be permanently attached to the World Wide Web creates some strange behaviour. It may surprise you that some candidates have their phone on and next to them at an interview. Some are so 'unconscious' that they even answer it when it rings! Do yourself a favour switch it off and put it away before you enter the room.

4. Who is the company?

Big foe par to not know anything about the organisation and what is happening that impacts your new role. With information so freely available online most hiring managers will expect you to have carried out your research. Visit the company website and read everything you can. Carry out a couple of Google searches and visit Google news to find out what conversation is going on about this sector and the company in general. Head over to linkedIn and follow them on Twitter.
Knowing more about the company means you can ask intelligent questions that can help you ask the questions that impress. Your recruitment consultant will be a massive help here. Established recruitment companies will probably have been working with the company and the hiring manager for years and will be privy to a lot of information that will really help you.

5. Don't complain about your last company manager and colleagues

This is a trap that nearly everyone has fallen into at one time or another. You know what I mean? The interview is going well you feel in rapport and you seem to be saying all the right things. Then suddenly before you realise it you are talking about how bad it is in your present company.

In honesty the hiring company you are sitting in front of is not stupid! They know that you will be moving for a reason. In their map of the world they are assuming it is because you value the opportunity the new role will bring and a chance to accelerate your career progression. Make sure that is what you communicate and not that you can't wait to leave. Bizarre and many candidates, for some reason feel that wanting to move for a great opportunity isn't enough there has to be a negative reason as well; there doesn't.

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To learn more about IT Software Sales jobs visit our website at Venatus Global at Jim Kinread and the team at Venatus Global Recruitment have over 25 years' experience placing candidates into companies such as Microsoft, Nokia and Hybris.To find out more about software sales vacancies visit our website at Venatus Global.

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