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5 Photography Tips – Improve Your Digital SLR Techniques

     Digital SLR cameras are excellent tools, and more people are making this discovery every day. The most popular brands happen to be Canon and Nikon, but there are other very reliable brands as well. One advantage in buying a popular name brand is the large variety of equipment that you can get to support your photography. For instance, the number of excellent Canon portrait lenses is mind boggling. Yet, even with the best lens on your wonderful new camera, you will have to learn how to use your new photography equipment. That's what this article is all about.

After agonizing over the initial purchase, the problem is that there are many new photographers still have no experience or skill when it comes to taking that great photo. The best camera money can buy means nothing if it is not used correctly.

With basic skills being the goal, here are five ways to improve your photos.

1. Compose before you shoot. After you figure out how to get rid of red-eye, it's time to take control of your photos. You can do that by paying closer attention to the composition. Look through the viewfinder a new eye toward taking more interesting shot.

Start by filling the frame with your subject to eliminate unnecessary clutter. This may mean changing lenses or zooming in or even moving closer to the subject.

Another key composition factor is the rule of thirds. Simply move your subject out of the center as you compose the shot, or move the horizon up or down so that it is not running right through the middle of the picture.

2. Think small. Macro photography will change the way you think about your photos. The small, intricate, and interesting details of the things of nature will open up a new world to you. Take pictures of flowers or the insides of flowers, bugs, or even the parts of a bicycle. The only limitation here is your imagination. Turn it loose and amaze your audience with the new creative you.

3. Buy a tripod. A tripod is one of the most useful tools you can add to your camera kit. Most people are just not that stable, and even a little shake can ruin an otherwise great photo. A tripod is an absolute necessity when there is not enough light to hand-hold your camera. Plus, if you want to slow down the shutter to get a silky looking flow of water in a white water creek or from a waterfall, you just can't do it without a stable camera.

4. Move around. Standing in front of your subject is the natural tendency for most photo shooters, but you should really try to get creative with where you place yourself in relation to the shot. Try getting above or below rather than shooting straight on. Use a ladder or stairway to move up. You can even use playground equipment to get above the action and, thus, improve the interest of your picture.

On the other hand, you can get below the subject or the action to get a more interesting perspective. Lying on the ground or having your subject on a hill above you work really well.

5. Consider a photography class. Learning from a professional will give you a real leg up in your picture taking abilities. But there is another option. You can join a photographic society. These clubs are common in many medium and large cities. Dues are minimal, and you can go on field trips with the club members, learning from a whole group of avid enthusiasts with like interests.

If you want to get better at your hobby, it will take time and patience, but there is no better hobby than photography. Test the different lenses for different types of shots. Remember the advice about the Canon portrait lens? You can use one for many other types of shots. Keep on trying new methods and techniques, and above all, take lots and lots of pictures.

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There really is no substitute for practice. Even when you have an excellent Canon portrait lens, you can't expect it to do all the work for you. You have to know how to set up the shot, so keep that camera close by and use it. For more, visit

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