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5 Things You Should Never Post On Facebook

     Be Careful What you Post on Facebook

As Facebook approaches 1 billion users, it's become blatantly obvious the social media platform is an easy place to get in trouble. Many people don't even think about the ramifications of what they're posting and how it might come back to bite them in the butt. And whether they leave a comment or not, people are seeing your pictures and reading your Facebook updates and making judgments.

It's all well and good if you don't care what other people think; I tend to live by that mantra myself. But when it comes to being smart and safe, that's a whole other ballgame. Don't put yourself or your family in jeopardy because you got excited about something and threw it up on Facebook without thinking. Remember, Facebook uses the term "friend" very loosely. Stick to the list below and you'll be good to go (hey that rhymes!).

5 Things You Should NOT be Posting on Facebook

1) Personal Information

This should be common sense, but it amazes me to see the detailed information people post on Facebook about themselves, their lives and their kids!!Imagine this scenario: a stranger approaches one of your kids at a school or park. They know their name and age (because you were kind enough to put it on Facebook), and tell them they're a good friend of mommy's or daddy's (using your name) and that they're supposed to walk them around the corner to meet you in a few minutes. And because they know all of that information, the child follows them, never to be seen again. Sound far fetched? IT'S HAPPENED!!Make this you're #1 rule! No personal information on Facebook. No pictures of your kids (your real friendsknow what they look like anyway), no tags with their names, no celebrating their birthday (you've just told everyone their age and when they were born), no phone numbers, no home address. Common sense. Be smart and be safe.

2) Your Vacation Plans

This is another one that falls under the category of DUH. Yet everyday I see people announcing to the world their travel plans."So excited to be going to the West Coast for a week with the entire family!" Translation: My house will be empty for a week, help yourself!This, too, has happened. Save your vacation stories/pictures for when you get home. "Had a great time on the West Coast with the family!"

3) Religion/Politics

In case you didn't know, religion and politics are pretty polarizing subjects. People tend to get rather emotional about their beliefs and views. There's nothing wrong with having them, when you share them on Facebook, it's safe to say you're driving away people who disagree with you, sometimes strongly.No matter what you write or what picture you post on Facebook, you're not going to sway people to your side of the fence. Posting a picture of Jesus isn't going to get Jews or Buddhists or Atheists to suddenly praise his name. Nor will posting a heart-warming story about Obama cause Republicans to drop their bi-partisan hatred of the man and embrace him as their leader.There's simply no point to these and it's not worth cluttering up Facebook. Again, there's nothing wrong with having faith or strong political views, but no one wants them shoved in their face on a daily basis.

4) Trivial Nothings

Here it is. The bottom line. The ugly truth. You ready?

No one cares!

Sorry, but it's true. No one cares about your progress in pointless Facebook games, or where you ate lunch, or that you can't sleep, or you're bored and wandering aimlessly around the mall. This is the kind of useless clutter that, if you post it often enough, will get people to unfollow you and, sometimes, even unfriend you.

5) Gripes about your job

You hate your job, we get it. But whining about it on Facebook is not going to help you find a better one. In fact, it's probably going to do the opposite. Employers are now using Facebook as another tool to qualify a candidate seeking employment with their company. Pissing and moaning about your current job on Facebook may not only cause you to lose that one, but may prevent you from getting another one anytime soon. Keep your posts employer friendly. Save your job related gripes for a night out over drinks.

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