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5 Tips to Capture Beautiful Candid Photography and Keep Precious Life Memories

     The best tips to master so you can capture life's most precious moments are: always carry your cameras, avoid using complicated lighting techniques, blend with the environment while taking photos, maximize the zooming capacity of the lens, capture the subject in action on black and white, and ask for permission when appropriate.

Candid photography focuses on what the subject is naturally doing and not on what the subject must be doing. It is a photo similar to that of a stolen shot. Most images taken in a candid photography are of people not looking directly at the camera. Read on to know some helpful tips to successful snap a candid photograph:

Always carry you camera

Bringing cameras along with you as you go about your everyday routine will help you take candid pictures. You must be alert to any situation and be very observant about what is happening in your immediate surrounding. Taking candid pictures is naturally easy, but you can't take a second picture that looks like the first one because everything is unique. So when you see an opportunity to take candid shots in a certain situation, focus on that and then click the shutter. Point and then shoot must be the initial reaction.

Avoid using complicated lighting techniques

Using complicated lighting techniques is not always advisable when taking candid photos. Always remember that having a great photo image is not really necessary. What is important is for the photo to capture real life, unscripted shots. Simply setting the Isolation or the ISO of the camera to "400" will help you take a quality image.

Blend with the environment while taking photos

Taking candid pictures require great discipline. This is because taking candid photos requires the photographer to blend with the environment. Candid photographers should not get too obvious to produce the most unscripted shots of frozen moments. Take photos by not holding the camera near the eye as often as possible. You can do this by also hiding the camera while taking pictures. For example, you could put the camera near your waist to take the shot. This will also help you to see the pictures in another angle.

Maximize the zooming capacity of the lens

Using the camera's fullest zoom will also help you get a good, candid photo. As long as you are not seen, the subject will act naturally. When you are a fair distance away from the subject, you can use the telephoto lens. Avoid taking pictures of people's backs.

Capture the subject in action on black and white

Converting the picture into a black and white image will is another great idea because it will help you capture the subject's emotion. Taking pictures of people who are doing things or are in constant motion is the best situation for taking candid shots. Capturing the essence of a person's task in black and white will emphasize the emotion on the subject's face.

Ask for permission when appropriate

Also, never forget to ask permission when appropriate. Although for some it is okay, asking for permission is always a safe and appropriate decision. This will avoid conflict and intrusion of someone's right to privacy.

The best way of capturing a candid picture is to experiment often. Explore everything, try every angle, and don't forget to see other's work for inspiration.

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