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6 Largest Critters in the World That Will Give You the Creeps

     If those tiny critters have been giving you a nightmare, wait till you see the real deal. Unlike those tiny buggers that lurk in your house, it is impossible to miss these pests. They are big and scary, enough to make your heart stop. Here is our pick of 6 of the world’s scariest critters.

Titan Beetle

Bet you haven’t seen any beetle bigger than this. The Amazon rain forest is home to quite a few mean beasts, but this critter takes the crown of being the scariest of them all. They have large jaws, a sharp spine and their mandibles are strong enough to snap a pencil in half. And if you happen to anger them in any way, they can even rip your flesh into shreds. When threatened, the Titan Beetle emits loud hissing sounds, which is the cue for you to back off.

Giant Walking Stick

Among the breed of insects, they are recorded to be the world’s longest. Their body looks like a long twig or a branch, making it easy for them to hide in thick foliage. A Giant Walking Stick can grow up to two feet. When threatened, these critters emit a pungent spray, which is non-poisonous, but helps ward off threats. Walking Sticks live in the canopy of the rainforest and lay eggs with tiny wings attached to their side. The wing-like attachment is probably to cushion the fall of their eggs from the canopy of the forest. There is a lot yet to be discovered about the Giant Walking Stick; they are a mystery to biologists.

Atlas Moth

Hail the largest moth in the world, the Atlas moth. The total square area of their wings can measure up to 60 square inches and their wingspan can be 1 foot. That’s right! It is one big bug. Sometimes, their cocoons are so big that they are actually used as a purse by the Taiwanese people. Want to know another interesting fact about the Atlas Moth? The design in their wings closely resembles snakes.

Tarantula Hawk

These wasps feed on tarantulas. That’s how they got their name. They measure 2 ˝ inches, are metallic blue-black in color with a black antenna and long velvety black legs. They feed on flower nectar, pollen and if they get a chance, on juicy tarantula. Only female wasps can sting and their stringers are about 1/3 inch long. Judging by their length, you can determine how painful their sting can be. Male Tarantula Hawks are fairly harmless.

Giant Burrowing Cockroach

Estimated up to 30 grams in weight, this is by far the heaviest cockroach on earth. They can live over 10 years and can grow as big as the palm of your hand. People prefer to keep them around as pets. They are wingless, slow-moving and clean, which makes them an apt candidate.

Giant Water Bug

This is not a bug you want to mess with. Also popularly known as “toe-biters”, these enormous critters can deliver a painful sting. Their painful sting aside, these bugs apparently make for a very tasty appetizer. In Thailand, they are often harvested, collected and sold in markets.

There are a lot more creepy-crawlies that can easily make it to this list. If you have no tolerance for pesky pests then it is about time you call in a professional exterminator.

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There are a lot of creepy-crawlies that can make it to your home. If you have no tolerance for pesky pests then it is about time you call in a professional exterminator. To find a reliable pest control service, click on this link.

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