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7 Tips for Excelling as a Radio Guest

     Now you've gotten the opportunity to be a guest on an upcoming radio show. How do you prepare? It can be a little overwhelming, but as a past radio show host, I have a few tips for you! Here are 7 tips to help you excel as a guest:

Enthusiasm is contagious. Remember, the audience can't see you. They only have your voice to entice them so make it memorable. Volume is important. Don't speak softly as it doesn't come across very good. Speak loud and animated so that they can hear you clearly. Speak clearly and straight into the microphone. It's important that you don't slur your words together or talk really fast. Make your comments concise and clear so that it is a good representation of you. Benefit information is what the audience is looking for. Don't make it an infomercial about your business. Share with your audience "7 tips on how to…or 5 ways to save money by…" Share your knowledge with the audience and they'll want to call you for more! Repeat your contact information. Once is not enough as they may not have had a pen to write down your information, so give them a warning such as "Grab a pen and write this information down" and then say your contact information slowly and repeat phone numbers and websites. Prepare ahead of time. Send the host your bio and questions to help facilitate the points you'd like to make during the interview. You know your industry the best, so help them focus in on key target areas. It also helps minimize having them ask you questions you'd prefer to stay away from! In person at the studio is more ideal than via phone, if at all possible. It helps with the nonverbal interaction between you and the host. If you are calling in, make sure you do it from a land line so that the connection is clearer and you no chance of having a dropped signal.

There's no reason to be nervous on the radio. I always tell people it's just like having a conversation with me and someone is eavesdropping on our conversation! It just happens to be in front of a microphone.

Don't forget to send that personalized thank you to your host and offer to be of any future assistance for them. Remember, you want to be a resource for the host and it is all about building relationships.

Don't forget to use this as a great marketing opportunity for you. Let your clients and contacts know that you are going to be a guest. Provide them with all the information so that they can tune in live to the broadcast or how they can access an archived copy of the show afterwards. You will also want to have access to that archived file and link it to your website. Remember, the marketing opportunity doesn't stop with just the interview. So get more mileage out of it by promoting it after the actual event.

If you need some help, give me a call. I'm an accountant and business owner and if I can do it, you can too!

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