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7 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain and Drop Weight Fast During The Holidays

     During the Christmas, and New Year holiday season are when most people gain some extra pounds. With all the parties, delicious treats and meals with friends and family it's almost impossible not to gain weight. But there are some things you can do to keep the weight gain to a minimum. So here are 7 tips you can use to help avoid weight gain and drop weight fast during the holidays.
1. Eat a healthy meal before going to a holiday party or meal. This will help you from over indulging in those high fat, calorie loaded low nutrition holiday foods. Now you will want to still be sociable so be sure to eat some food, but just keep it to an acceptable minimum.
2. Alcohol consumption is another area you should keep to a minimum, as it too is loaded with calories. Try to keep your consumption to just one drink (if you are of age), or avoid them altogether and you will be okay. This will help you from stimulating your appetite and indulging in more treats than you normally would.
3. It's not uncommon to receive gifts of food during the holiday season. Though these foods are usually loaded with calories, receiving these gifts can be a good thing. They allow you to share in the season spirit of giving. You can take them to work and share them with your co-workers, provide them for your guest at your own holiday party, or donate them to a local charity for those less fortunate.
4. Try to get outside and get some exercise. Go for a walk, build a snowman, go sledding, or go caroling with some friends. A great way to get some exercise is to go to your local mall and walk a few laps before the stores open. Then when you’re done you can do your holiday shopping and beat the crowds!
5. Arrive at larger parties late; this will take the pressure off of over indulging in food and drink, as the party is already in progress. Especially if you already ate a healthy meal, like in the first tip.
6. Keep things in perspective. That is, be aware and pace yourself. Approach holiday parties as a chance to talk and dance with friends, instead of a drink and food feast.
7. Lastly, MAKE SURE YOU COME TO PRACTICE! Approach the holidays as a time to advance your level of athletic ability and skill level. This represents an excellent opportunity to gain ground on your competitors, as they are getting lazy, fat and complacent!
There you go, try these tips and I promise you will gain less weight this holiday season.
Nexus Taekwondo is an Alliance of Masters, Instructors, Coaches and school owners dedicated to the very best in martial arts principles and education for its members.
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Nexus Taekwondo is an Alliance of Masters, Instructors, Coaches and school owners dedicated to the very best in martial arts princiles and education for its members. More information at

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