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A Cut Above Hard Working Dogs In Black German Shepherd

     Black German Shepherds are devoted and faithful family members, beautiful and muscular in appearance. The black shiny coat is very unusual, and is in fact a regressive gene in both parents. They are excellent dogs in protection, but have a need to be taken around people to prevent instincts of aggression that can result if not properly cared for and trained.

Shepherds with an affinity for probing have a natural instinct for training and following commands, and may become gloomy if they cannot satisfy. They do not instantly accept strangers. As a working dog they need to have things to do, and an objective, and are not at their best if they don't.

German Shepherds were originally bred in Germany with sheep herding and protecting in mind. With their superior intelligence, advanced sense of smell, guarding mentality they were perfect for it. Today shepherds are valued family pets, are highly loyal, and fantastic in home protection.

German Shepherds do have a need to be socialized, and if owners leave this dog unattended too often, without human interaction, and companionship, or fail to take the leadership role in training the animal, aggression may be the result. German Shepherds are not typically known for aggression. All dogs need to be socialized and trained, and shepherds almost more than any other breed are highly trainable.

Just as German Shepherds were once valued companions and workers in the sheep herding industry in Germany, today they are also trusted comrades in police and military protection units. As working dogs, their advanced sense of smell makes them perfect police companions in search and rescue, and drug task forces.

Shepherds have been involved in cases that led to the arrest of many individuals. They are capable of finding people, bodies, and finding drugs. Their great sense of smell and ability to take orders on a 95% basis has offered police the benefit of solving crimes better, and officers say they prefer to use dogs over men to finish cases.

They have been used throughout the world for purposes related to accidents and catastrophes. They have searched and found missing elderly, small children, people lost in forests. In addition, they have assisted in finding people buried in avalanches, victims of floods, earthquakes, plane and train catastrophes, and many other life-threatening conditions.

The use of guard dogs in search and rescue has meant many more lives have been saved due to their known endurance and their ability to pick up on the scent of skin cells. It is estimated use of one dog in such units is as effective as 20-30 men because cells can be traced to woods, buildings, rivers, floods and the like. It is this acute sense of smell, along with a refusal to give up until the job is done that makes this breed so useful.

This breed has also been part of search rescues in notorious missions. They have also been used as courier dogs in World War II. During Ground Zero they were used in searching for survivors.

In addition to use as trusted police and military companions they are also used as seeing-eye dogs for the blind. Putting to work their unique shepherding abilities, these dogs are perfect for leading human beings to safety, or being their eyes . They are move fast, are fast thinkers. They have with a advanced energy and a real desire for working, which makes them a perfect guide partner. Guide dogs are usually trained by charitable organizations and donated to the blind. They have also been used to guide the hearing impaired, and for those with other disabilities.

Shepherds are also used to sometimes used as prey dogs, to assist their hunting partners in tracking bear or birds. Using dogs for tracking animals is generally regulated state to state, and not states allow dogs to track all animals. They have been used to track duck, deer, and raccoons.

Black German Shepherds are bigger and their backs are much straighter than other dogs of their breed. There is no cringing with the black breed. Such a trait is normal with brown and white dogs. The black animals also more closely resemble original shepherds of breeding in Germany.

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