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A Funny Take On How Technology In 2020 Will Be...

     Last Friday, after our work was all done, we had some time to unwind. I was planning to go home and enjoy the weekend watching programs on my newly availed Verizon FiOS TV service. It was then my team leader came with up an idea of watching Pink Panther 2. Though I had heard about this movie, I never had a chance to watch it. We presumed it to be a full-length comedy subject and were eagerly waiting for its start. One of my buddies sitting right next to me started laughing even before the title cards appeared.

We were wondering why he was laughing and this guy kept laughing so much that we thought he had become a retard, LOL. However, the funniest part was that his laughing was so uncontrollable and he literally rolled on the floor laughing and crying tears. The laughing bug bit us too and we all started laughing. He had already used half of his lunch calories even before the movie had started! That was when I thought that funny things happen no matter where we are, even at our workplace and one has to feel it to enjoy. All rightie, friends! Let us take a look at some really funny stuff. (Warning: Whatever content you find here is written only for humour and not to hurt anyone).

People just can't stop praising technology, can they? Everybody says this is the Internet world and talk as though the world is ruled by computer. However, let me try and bring out some funny imaginations that will happen in about 10 years from now. In 2020, an unborn son may ask his mom what would be his download date. Well, did I say 'unborn'? Yes, you got it. Plausibly 10 years from now, unborn kids will talk to their mom via the umbilical network. Don't worry about the terminology though.

Students after 10 years would be very clever than most of us. Take a look at this for an example. Teacher asks a student to submit his homework. He gives his blank home work note. The teacher gets irritated and asks him where he had written his homework. He smiles and tells her that it's written in the homepage of his personal website. True to this, these days having a website has become so popular among the business people and among the jobless officers too!

In 2020, Ants and insects get free admission in schools and colleges and attend classes regularly. After gaining adequate knowledge, they start applying for journalist jobs and surprisingly get selected! The interviewer is very confident that the ants are more punctual and sincere than human. Now, how is that?

A saint meditates for several years. God appears before him and asks him to make a wish. The saint asks the God to describe how heaven will look like. The God smiles and gives his visiting card to the saint, and asks him to visit his official website to know about the facilities and offers available on heaven.

Advertisers in 2020 have a clever strategy to increase the traffic to their websites. They come up with advertisements that say, "Click on this site ten thousand times and lose 10 pounds instantly". The funny thing is that it is justified by the brilliant scientists of 2020. They never forget their regular phrases, "We have done extensive research on this subject and to our surprise, it has yielded some astonishing results. By clicking those links ten thousand times, you not only lose 10 pounds instantly but also get to enjoy a slew of other health benefits like good sleep, peace of mind blaah blaah blaah".

Just imagine that Romeo and Juliet are in love in 2020. They are extremely happy about the advancement of technology. They have tons of options to communicate with each other. The romantic pair spends most of its time joyfully chatting on social networking sites and sending hundreds of love messages every day. Suddenly, one bad day, Romeo's system crashes and he doesn't get the opportunity to talk to Juliet for 48 hours. When Romeo fixes up his system and calls Juliet for a voice chat, she fails to turn up. Puzzled by her behavior, Romeo decides to meet Juliet in person. As soon as he reached her house, he is surprised to find Juliet is gone. Yes, 48 hours is too long a time for a girl to be single, isn't it? Poor Romeo! Believe it or not; that's happening even today. Girls are so impatient. Being single is no more an option. Whoops! Sorry about that, girls.

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Cody is a freelance writer and an active blogger who covers a range of topics including humour, food, health and fitness, technology etc. He prefers spending his weekends watching programs on his Verizon FiOS TV.

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