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A Glance At Rich & Diverse Indian Art & Culture

     By culture we mean how we behave with others. In other words we can say that culture refers to a state of intellectual progress or behavior. India is a land of art and culture which is depicted by various forms of Indian art & Indian contemporary art. Our manners, ways to communicate, rituals, self-beliefs are the most important elements of Indian culture. The world has changed and so the people have changed with the time but even though the people of India have not changed in terms of beliefs, values, customs and rituals. Indian art culture is rich and diversified but is exclusive in its own way. The people of India can be said is very different from the other people of the different countries of the world. Dressing style, food habits and ways of living might change among the Indians but their beliefs, values, traditions and rituals will never change and that what makes Indian culture very unique.

India is a very colorful country which has various kinds of festivals, people of various religions, traditions, ceremonies and rituals. Indian art culture has been kept alive by the various forms of Indian art and Indian contemporary art and through other forms of Indian paintings. Traditional Indian paintings dates back to the ancient times where the culture of the nation was brought up through art and craft forms. Indian paintings is one of the traditional part of Indian art culture which has ancient texts underlining the paintings and the Indian artists have always tried to entail the theories of the country’s rich culture and heritage through their various forms of art. The famous cave paintings of Ajanta and Ellora are the perfect examples of these paintings which have helped the people to know more about India’s heritage and culture.

Indian culture treats their guest as God and thus it also states as “Atithi Devo Bhava.” This actually means treating guests as God and taking care of them very nicely so that they always have the feeling of being at home. Indian paintings are an old tradition where the artists used to showcase their painting skills on the walls of various temples and also on the caves. These forms of painting popularized Indian art and Indian contemporary art since the early days of Indian civilization to the present day and has formed the base for the modern artists who have always given a class of touch through their Modern Indian Paintings. Indian paintings have developed over the years to become a blend of various traditions which has influenced a large number of people all over the world. All these makes the country being called “Incredible India.”

Indian art culture and Indian Paintings goes hand in hand as even if the people of India might have changed over the years but they have never let ruin the tradition, culture, principle, rites and values. Thus Indian art together with Indian contemporary art plays a vital role in keeping the culture and tradition of the nation intact with the passage of time which makes India distinctive in its very own ways.

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