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A Guide to Buying Vintage Dresses this Autumn

     Vintage dresses are both ecologically friendly and stylish. With colder weather comes the demand for a warmer wardrobe. As you create a new autumn look or add a few new vintage dresses, keep the practical aspects of warmth and quality in mind as well as this season's styles and colours.

Warm Materials for Chilly Weather

Fabric type will be your first requirement when purchasing vintage dresses for the autumn. Pick materials that are naturally warm and insulating. Look for vintage dresses that were made for the autumn or winter. These dresses were made to be worn in cold weather, as opposed lighter ones, which, like brand new dresses, were made to be worn at certain times of the year. Pick wool, merino, denim and tweeds over light cottons and linen.

This Season's Rich Colours

With such a wide and beautiful array of colours to choose from, it may be helpful to know which shades to pick. This autumn, red is the main colour. In any shade and tone, red is stunning and popular. Pick either dark burgundy or orange reds, depending on what is most flattering. Other warm, traditional autumn colours are popular, too, from rust to mustard to bright orange. Pick plaids and stripes that have a basis in the classic autumn colours.

Classic Designs that are Back in Style

Fashion is a cycle that keeps returning to the old tried and true styles. This makes conserving resources by re-wearing vintage dresses both easier and more stylish. Certain eras are popular at certain times, so make sure the dresses you find fit into the present fashions. If you know your fashion history, pick dresses from the 1950s through to the 1970s. Dresses with full skirts, fitted waists and small shoulders are both flattering and timeless. The classic sheath dress is still the perfect dress for both the office and parties.

Things to Look Out for

When you've found that perfect dress, check out the condition of the garment. Do the zippers work? Are there any buttons missing? If you are comfortable with mending, don't let rents in the seams deter you. Dresses with holes in the actual fabric probably aren't worth your money. If the stain or hole is in a place that you could cover with a cardigan or jacket, see if you can get the dress at a discounted price. Check for stains or odd smells as well. Most old fabrics will show some sign of wear, but half of the time there isn't a solution to stains or smells. But remember you can still wear pretty dresses that aren't in mint condition if you use a bit of ingenuity.

When you find dresses that are well made and in good condition, scoop them up! Whether you find them in local antique stores, resale shops or on the Internet, be sure you are spending an equivalent price for the quality of the garment. With these points in mind, find those gorgeous vintage dresses and show the world your style!

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