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A Guide to Ordering the Best Steak

     Americans love beef. One of the most popular entrées to order when you go out to a restaurant is a steak and baked potato. You’ve probably heard of the different cuts of meat, but do you really know the difference? Use this simple guide to order the best steak in Chicago cooked to the perfect temperature.

Cuts of Meat

• Tenderloin Filet or Filet Mignon – This is a tender steak that is very lean. The flavor tends to be mild, and if you’re watching your fat intake, it’s a good choice. Don’t cook it beyond medium or it will get dry.
• Ribeye Steak – Because the ribeye has a lot of fat marbling, it is very juicy and flavorful. It can be too fatty for some, but it will have a great beefy flavor. When this cut is roasted, it is the Prime Rib that you see on menus.
• New York Strip or Kansas City Strip – This cut is very succulent and buttery, with less fat than the ribeye. It is very tender. Some place offer this bone-in, but you will also see it without the bone.
• T-Bone Steak – When you can’t decide between the tenderloin or New York Strip, choose the T-Bone option. The meat that is next to the bone is harder to get to temperature. If you like your steak medium-well, the outer edges may end up overcooked.
• Porterhouse – The Porterhouse is essentially the T-Bone cut, except it’s a larger version. Generally, the tenderloin portion will be bigger. You probably won’t see a Porterhouse smaller than 20 ounces at a steakhouse.

Choosing the Right Temperature

Steak aficionados will tell you not to order a steak above medium rare. Order it the way you like, but a well done steak may be tough and dry. Most restaurants don’t use thermometers to check the temperature of the meat, because once you stab it the juices run out.

• Rare – cool red center
• Medium rare – warm red center
• Medium – hot red center
• Medium well – hot pink center
• Well – no pink

Grades of Steak

USDA Prime steak is the top quality beef produced in the United States. Beef is graded whole, so there may be some variance in individual cuts. The age of the cow and the marbling of the meat determine how it is graded. The restaurants that serve the best steak in Chicago use USDA Prime. Choice is the next level under Prime.

Compound Butter Sauces

The steak may be the center of attention, but it often comes with a compound butter on top. A very popular one is called maître d’hotel. It takes the place of a sauce or cream. It is butter whipped with garlic, finely minced parsley, and lemon juice. Hotel butter mixes with the natural juices of the steak as it melts on the way to your table. It adds complexity and brightness to your steak. Your steakhouse may have a house blend of herbs and butter which adds unique flavor.

Check Out an Online Guide

Chicago has a number of places to get a great steak. Whatever dining experience you’re looking for, find it at ChicagoBestSteak. From casual and historic to elegant and upscale, you’ll find the best steak in Chicago. Enjoy a night out on the town and have a great meal.

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