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Accounting Site Design and Cutting Your Practice's Operational Costs

     What is the first thing that you think of when I bring up the subject of websites? Many people relate accounting website design with marketing, and this is essentially your website's principal function. Your site isn't a "one trick pony", though. It's capable of making and saving your company cash in a lot of different ways. For now let's consider just a few of the simple ways you can use your accounting website to cut your operating expenses and improve your operating efficiency.

It's a simple matter to add a "Track Your Refund" feature to your website. Financial calculators are also easy. Get some interactive calculators to help your clients with their personal and family finances. Make sure your administrative assistants are familiar with these features so they can refer callers to the appropriate web pages. Once your clients are familiar with this content they'll quickly adapt to using it. A lot of unbillable phone hours can be eliminated by simply providing the information on your website.

Transition your communications to email. Now, most firms have already done this for daily contact messages, but a surprisingly large number of firms are still wasting a lot of money on printing and postage. You can almost eliminate these costs completely by incorporating certain functions right into your accounting website design.

The first feature is your newsletter. When you design your website include a page for an online newsletter. Use email to send out links to it once a month. Include a short teaser for your best articles with "read more" links to get them onto your site.

Another real killer comes around every year about this time. It's tax season. Are you still mailing out your annual tax organizers? Try distributing them over the internet instead! There's a couple of ways to do this.

Let's look at the easy solution first. Post your tax organizer on your accounting website as a downloadable document. Use Adobe Acrobat to convert your tax organizer as a PDF file so Mac users can access them, too. This solution is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest solution. All your clients need to do is download it. They can fill it out and mail it back at their leisure.

The other solution is much cooler, but also a lot trickier. You can set up your tax organizer as an online form that your clients can fill out and submit online. There are a lot of advantages to this method. It improves participation and gets you the results instantly on submission. There is a downside of course. Traditional form pages send the completed form by email, and tax organizers contain a lot of confidential information. Obviously this is a significant security issue. The form needs to be secure, in other words password protected, and it needs to be run right on the web server. Most small accounting firms won't want to deal with the advanced programming required to make this work.

The last thing I want to talk about is your file exchange. Secure file exchange will substantially improve your office's efficiency. No more traveling across town to pick up and deliver your clients Quickbooks discs, and no more expensive express deliveries. Just a few clicks of a mouse can instantly and safely transfer this data right over your website. Many accounting firms, especially ones with multiple offices, have taken this design concept a step further. They are actually running their accounting software right on a web server so they can access any clients data, any time, from any place, and in real time.

Your accounting website design is surely one of the most effectual marketing tools on your utility belt, but it can also make and save your company a great deal of cash each year. Take advantage of these techniques. Even if your site doesn't bring in any new clients it will still pay for itself. Not only will it decrease your operating expenses, you'll discover it also increases client satisfaction and retention.

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Kenny Marshall is a internet marketer and former Vice President of CPA Site Solutions, one of North America's biggest web firms oriented entirely to accounting website design.

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