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Accounting Website Design- Pitching Your Off Season Services

     It's tax season and your schedule is looking kinda full. You're not actually speculating about accounting website design at the moment. Fair enough, but have you ever considered how much quicker and more easily your company might grow if you could distribute your work load over more than just tax season?

The real key to building a CPA or accounting service is getting clients to make use of your off-season services.

This brings us right back to your website. There's a number of ways your website can help you market services beyond tax preparation, but there are 3 features in particular that can help.

I'm going to assume here that you already have a well designed website, but a lot of good website designs fail to sell or cross-sell off season accounting services because the actual site content is weak.

The first thing we're going to look at is obvious.

I'm sure you already have at least an "Our Services" page, or better yet; a whole section where each service has it's own page. Personally I prefer you give each service it's own page, but using a single page is OK as long as you are using bookmark links to make it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for. Almost every accounting website design does this, of course. The mistake many accounting websites make is one of content rather than design. It's less important to explain the service than it is to illustrate the benefits of the service. Instead of boring the respondent with details about how the service works concentrate on the practical advantages of what the service does. Put a contact form on each service page so night owls and users who might be too shy to call have an alternate means to contact you immediately.

Another great tool for cross selling off season accounting services is your online newsletter. If you already have a site I'm sure you already have an online newsletter. It's a staple feature in accounting website design, but not all newsletters are particularly well designed to actually draw off-season conversions. Many accounting newsletters spend far too much time talking about taxes. Make sure each newsletter has one or two strong articles about your off-season services. Write it using the same marketing style you used on your service pages. Make benefits to the client the focus of each article. You don't need, or even want, to tell them everything. All you need to do is present the benefit. This will position you as the expert to turn to when it comes time to actually use the information.

The least obvious cross-season marketing instrument on your website may not be as obvious, but it's often more effective. Your website design should include a "free reports" section. You want this to be a large section, and you want to write these articles using the same marketing principles we've already talked about. These pages won't see as much traffic as your newsletter or your service pages. On the other hand the leads they generate will be very much more dedicated to buying. Not only are people on these pages displaying a huge amount of initiative simply by looking over this information they very likely already use your services to some degree or another, so the accounting professional they turn to will almost certainly be you!

Make sure you have a broad range of these reports focused on a variety of financial interests, and make sure they're well organized and easy to navigate. There is always a chance that a visitor browsing these reports will stumble onto an article that could benefit a friend or relative, so add a "send this article to a friend" feature.

The copy writing on your accounting website is just as relevant as your design. Go over your website and make sure you not only offer these features but also that the copy on them is designed to actually sell these services.

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Brian O'Connell is the President and founder of CPA Site Solutions, one of the United States' largest web businesses oriented entirely to accounting website design.

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