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Advantages of Three Types of Window Blinds

     The three main types of window blinds to choose from include PVC (polyvinyl chloride), Timber (Wood) and Blackout Blinds. As a homeowner, it is advantageous to learn about each type of blind and which type would best suit your needs and fit your décor and your everyday living.

PVC blinds are very popular, mostly for their durability and their sleek design. PVC is a type of plastic that is very easy to clean and maintain. It is also a very long-lasting material. In fact, if PVC blinds are well taken care of (by using mild cleaning agents, not harsh chemicals), they can last up to 20 years or more! Also, PVC blinds are lightweight, durable and come in a virtual cornucopia of colors, textures and designs.

For the homeowner with a more decorative and upscale taste, a few more dollars invested into their blinds for Timber (or Wood) Blinds will surely be a delight. Timber Blinds will definitely accent a home more appropriately if the home has a majority of wooden furniture and wooden décor. Timber blinds are usually a better choice because they will more closely match the décor of the house and its interior. Choosing wooden blinds will usually be slightly more expensive choice than their PVC counterparts, but with the convenience and option of a variety of wooden stains and the ease of re-fitting the slats of the blinds to fit easily into any size window, it is sure to be a decision that the homeowner will be satisfied with.

Blackout blinds pretty much speak for themselves. These types of blinds are specifically manufactured to keep light and noise OUT, leaving the interior of the room DARK and QUIET. Obviously, Blackout blinds are usually considered for bedrooms and nurseries where dark and quiet conditions are usually optimal. Blackout Blinds are also sought after to keep outside noise pollution out, such as a noisy street or belligerent neighbors. Usually, Blackout Blinds come in two options, a one-cell or a two-cell design, which, if you use logic, gives reason to their design. For example, a one-cell design will keep out LESS noise and light than a two-cell design, but a one-cell Blackout Blind will be less expensive. It is up to the individual homeowner to assess their needs and make a decision accordingly. Another major advantage that Blackout Blinds have over the other two types of Blinds is that Blackout blinds provide excellent insulation from both heat and cold, which will save you a lot of money in heating and cooling your house.

There are many differences to consider when deciding to install blinds in a home. There are several pros and cons to each of the three basic types of blinds available. First, there are PVC blinds, which are inexpensive, easy to maintain, long lasting and durable. Then there are Timber blinds that are aesthetically pleasing to match interior décor and versatility. Finally, Blackout Blinds filter out sounds, lights, heat and cold from the outside so the owner can basically control the conditions of the room. After all of the needs and resources of the homeowner have been considered, then a wise and appeasing choice in the home’s windows blind coverings can be chosen.

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