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An Easy-to-follow, Basic Workout For Women

     Exercise is necessary no matter how slim or toned you think you are. Our bodies are just wired that way. Nil or minimal physical activity not only leads to fat developing around the tummy and thighs but inside the body as well.

Most are under the assumption that workouts benefit only our muscles and bones. We tend to focus on how they change our appearance as opposed to what they can do for our organs. Most of the food we consume is burnt by the body even when performing the smallest tasks like getting up from a seated position. The rest is left to settle in our bodies as fat which will remain and grow unless something’s done.

Women tend to pack weight around their tummies, thighs and upper arms. It’s a natural occurrence but one which can be frustrating especially with the pressure to look good. Thankfully, exercise doesn’t have to be overly strenuous or boring especially in the initial stages.

To begin, get ready to get started. The first couple of weeks are the hardest. Even getting up and putting on workout clothes is mind-numbing. You also have to remain consistent because slacking off in the middle can lead to a breakdown of resolve. Get in the zone by reminding yourself of all the reasons you want to work out. Resolve to gift yourself something for every week that you keep at it.

• Start with a brisk walk of 30 minutes spaced out 10 minutes with a 5-minute gap in between. Make it less stressful by walking with a friend or listening to music. Sip water regularly so you don’t dehydrate.

• Increase the duration to two sets of 20 minutes when you can no longer feel the strain of a 10-minute walk. Push it up to a jog of 30 minutes, also spaced at 10 minutes apart. Jogging is a high-impact activity which can wear you out much faster and dehydrate the body so sip water throughout.

• Incorporate strength training by following a varied workout routine like squats, planks and reverse lunges. They’re easy to do but can take quite a lot out of you. As your strength increases, add a few more like pushups and glute bridges to avoid boredom.

• Alongside cardio and strength training, flexibility training must be given due importance because it keeps the muscles and joints loose. Yoga is one way to go about it and most women prefer it to other forms of stretching. Tai chi and regular stretching are others. Whichever you choose, know that older women stand to benefit even more as stiffness is reduced and joint pain due to arthritis is lessened.

A well-conditioned body is able to endure more intense and longer workouts because the heart, muscles and bones are prepped. For women, conditions like osteoporosis (decrease of bone mass) are fairly common especially in old age. Aside from being uncomfortable, it leaves the bones prone to fractures. Exercises that work the muscles and the bones are, therefore, extremely important to prevent or at the very least, slow, the development of such diseases.

It goes without saying that a balanced diet and abstinence from tobacco are necessary to really see the effects of regular exercise. Would-be mothers, in particular, stand to gain more in the way of good health for them and their children.

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Women are fast realizing that exercising not only helps in loosing weight but also relieves stress. Many fitness centers in Connecticut are now offering work out programs specially made for women. To know more about such fitness centers, click here!

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