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An Overview of the Defense Applications of Lasers

     There are a myriad of laser applications that actually contribute positive effects contrary to the greater notion that laser is only used to build destructive weapons. Lasers are utilized in a number of sectors including industrial processing and manufacturing, medical procedure like eye surgery, scientific research and military defense. Laser properties like; increased monochromaticity, coherency and the ability to achieve tremendously high-power levels, makes it appropriate in a number of industries.

One of the defensive uses of laser includes the application of microwave laser and electrolaser technologies to thwart any attempts of attack from rivals. Essentially, weapons built using this technology are often used to stun the targets and also disable the electronic system used by the attackers. This renders the opponent defenseless, therefore easily stopping them from attacking. The technology is also used for detonating roadside bombs. This, comes in handy as a military defense tactic, reducing the number of casualties being targeted by the opponent.

For personal self-defense, laser tasers are used to subdue the attacker. The taser is a non-lethal weapon that causes minor injuries if any injuries at all to the person you use the device on. The device basically contains high-voltage power that causes an electric shock to the person you use it on. In situations where you feel insecure, the taser is the device to go for. It is designed to be very portable, thus allowing you to carry it around in your pocket. It comes in handy when bailing you out of dangerous situations, without causing any adverse damages to the attacker.

The other defensive use of laser is the use of laser dazzlers to disorient rivals. This can significantly reduce the number of casualties in a combat situation. The dazzler is also a non-lethal weapon that generally causes temporary vision impairment as well as disorientation on the opponent. The device is effective at night as well as during the day and is used to destruct the opponent without causing any permanent physical damage to the person.

In riot situations, for example, where law enforcers need to disperse crowds without actually causing any detrimental damages or death, laser dazzlers are used for such cases. Temporary blankness effect caused by the laser basically prevents the rioters from vandalizing people’s property and temporally disorients them giving law enforcers the time to restore peace.

The military also use lasers in their defensive operations by countering their opponents’ efforts at detecting and destroying them. One of the counter measures is known as target designation. Simply put, infrared lasers are used by the military to precisely and furtively target their opponents, in a bid to successfully take them down before they cause any damage. Fighter jets have inbuilt infrared lasers that are used defensively to aim at missiles and other weapons meant for destruction.

On the same token, laser pointers are used as a counter measure on opponents for precision in targeting rivals over long distances as well as for visibility purposes. Military firearms are integrated with laser pointers for accuracy in aiming at the opponents and lighting dark places in the event of a search and rescuing mission.

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Liesl Henderson is a freelance writer with Precision Photonics, an optics company manufacturing dialectric mirror coatings, laser polarizers, etalons and other optical assemblies.

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