Most of us realize that Nissan has a great product. After all it’s nothing to see a twenty year old Maxima driving down the road on any given day. The reason is because Nissan makes incredible vehicles, AND they sell them at very affordable prices. Also, “Women seem to be more interested in cars that combine practicality"> And the winner is………..Female Buyers! | ABC Article Directory
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And the winner is………..Female Buyers!

     A national automotive research group recently reported that they determined Nissan is the preferred automotive brand among females. This begs the question…… Why is it that Nissan has secured the loyality of women?

Most of us know that Nissan has a wonderful product. After all it’s nothing to see a 10 year old Nissan driving down the highway and looking great. The reason is due to the fact that Nissan produces incredible autos, AND they sell them at extremely reasonable prices. Also, “Women seem to be more interested in cars that combine practicality with style, whether that’s a crossover that offers space and durability or a sporty, reputable compact that is fun to drive.”

Now it’s not to say that men don’t like Nissan as well. I believe, however, women just know a good thing when they see it. Besides, women look for functional, attractive vehicles that will not only serve their purpose, but in a stylish way. In March 2011, released their ”Fenders by Gender” report. ”The men’s list is dominated by sports cars and rugged pickups. For women, practical cars top the list, with economy and mid-range priced crossovers ranking highest. Common ground seems to exist on a range of economy priced cars, although the luxury Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class also earned a spot on the “Most Agreed Upon” list.”

Men and women care about different things. What are women looking for?

RESPECT - Women want to be treated as a knowledgeable, serious car buyer. They want the same attention and respect a man would get. “Women buy 65% of all new cars and 53% of used cars. They spend $300 billion dollars on buying used cars and keeping them repaired.” So is it good business to isolate the female consumer by treating them badly or with condescension when they arrive at the dealership? Of course not, however, it still happens. “It’s a cliché, with some lingering truth in it, to say that macho car salesmen don’t think women know much about cars, and carry that attitude into the transaction.”

PATIENCE - Women want a salesperson that will take time to explain what she doesn’t understand. She wants to be comfortable with her decision. The more a salesperson FREELY gives of their time, the better she will feel.

TRUST - If a woman doesn’t trust you, you won’t get anywhere! Trust and Respect are perhaps the two most important qualities that will win over the female customer. ”In a CarMax poll, 15% of women said they didn’t have a trustworthy salesperson.” The odds of this female customer coming back to buy from you again is slim to none if the trust factor is missing.

A study of 200 Chicago car dealerships by economists Ian Ayres and Peter Seigelman found that women are consistently quoted higher prices than men. sent both female and male shoppers into Los Angeles dealerships and found unequal treatment at two out of three.

Dealerships can be intimidating places for women. As more females make vehicle related decisions, it is important that dealerships understand what their needs are and accommodate those needs. Women are typically not aggressive buyers. Sometimes this is mistaken for weakness. Whether the customer is male or female, they all tend to trust a salesperson that is nurturing, concerned, honest and patient.

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RexanneSmith is an advocate for Women-Centric Buying, an Internet Sales Manager at Crown Nissan in Birmingham, Alabama, and the Queen of Cars. Her blog which features information to help women break through the barriers often encountered when buying cars can be found at

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