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Apple and Microsoft's War

     So the two companies, they are all in the eyes of old enemy, but always be perils Xiang Yi, they have in some areas more than crossed each other, also in a period of time after the other beyond them is the technology sector never repose quarrelsome lovers, but also the technology sector beat to death two Xiaoqiang. The two companies Microsoft and Apple, they have a great founder and spiritual leader, despite Gates and Steve Jobs in private and not too much hatred, but it does not affect the two companies to come to me to commercial competition.

The two companies are a great success because of the rise of the personal computer, the world's first personal computer in 1975 Altair born in 1976 co-founded by Jobs and Wozniak, Apple introduced the Apple I This is a test fish was not a lot of sales. The first amount of $ 92,000 investment in 1977 Apple introduced the Apple II, sold millions of units, Apple also introduced the Apple II, the follow-up multiple derivative models. This is the first popular in the true sense of Apple products, Apple II, the achievements of the broad PC market and more manufacturers are concerned about this market. Apple quickly made efforts to get a return, the just founded five years after the company successfully listed, the first day the stock price rose nearly 32 percent, the company a market value of $ 1,778,000,000.

Microsoft's best to start just because Gates and his high school classmates to develop a BASIC language, in this era of rapid growth in PC sales is not lacking, the user needs a lot of software to meet the strong demand, and the fact BASIC is Microsoft In the early days the main business. Listed in the 1980 Apple computer giant IBM entered the PC market, but before that Apple is a strong leader in this market, IBM think they should be more powerful to compete with Apple and Microsoft in this time to find IBM is provide them with programming languages ​​and operating systems, and Microsoft's operating system is spending $ 50,000 from another developer acquired, which is after all known Microsoft DOS operating system. This partnership Microsoft's operating system, followed by the IBM PC products to the world, the great success of the IBM PC field achievements of Microsoft, it became the founder of the de facto standard for PC operating systems.

Despite Apple's follow-up to launch the Apple III, Lisa, Macintosh and other variety of follow-up products, but are due to a variety of complex reasons not completely successful in 1985, Apple's Steve Jobs officially dismissed. Microsoft launched the new Windows operating system in the same year, the following paragraph after Apple has UI interface system, Microsoft began to cooperate with more and more PC manufacturers addition to IBM, the these vendors including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Sony ... PC market officially entered the era of Microsoft, in addition to Windows 3.X, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2008 operating system, Windows Vista, Windows 7, this series of virtuous, Microsoft still in the corporate office, occupies a vital position in various fields of interactive entertainment, Microsoft has become the world's largest software company, Gates repeatedly reelected to the throne of the world's richest man.

But the story does not end, and not off the 1996 financial Apple 4 billion acquisition of NeXT, along with the heart and soul of this company with the return of the Steve Jobs the Apple. Jobs regain Apple released the iBook, Mac mini, Mac OS X, such as a range of products, fair to say at the time and not the best-selling products in the broad sense, but at least let Apple out of the doldrums stage. Real outbreak in the new millennium (2000), Apple introduced a digital music player - iPod, it has become one of the world's most popular digital music player with Apple's own iTunes Music Store, the product of multiple The subsequent models widely welcomed by consumers, 2007 Apple announced that the first one hundred million iPod sold.

The bigger surprise is the phone - iPhone, introduced by Apple in 2007, before that everyone scoff, to know that Apple is a PC manufacturer, big deal or a manufacturing MP3 player manufacturers Apple phone. However, the mobile phone market, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and other traditional manufacturers have been in business for many years, it is hard to believe that Apple in this market as much. But Apple did the iPhone has now become a global pursuit of digital 3C new darling, every new product releases from around the world are attracted eyes. The success of the iPhone brought Apple peripheral products, including the most successful App Store AppStore, also includes the most popular iPad tablet computer, they are jointly running the Apple operating system specially developed for mobile devices iOS. The products popular so Apple back on top of the world, on January 5, 2010, Apple surpass Microsoft's $ 219 billion market capitalization of $ 222 billion.

But Microsoft never be underestimated rival, Apple introduced the iPod, Microsoft launched the Zune, this digital player failed, gave the follow-up Microsoft mobile products left enough experience. Sony PS games popular, Microsoft launched the XBOX successfully accounted for a place, the latest Kinect somatosensory device for many consumers. Apple's iPhone has achieved great success, Microsoft also launched its own smart phone system Windows Phone 7, Nokia utmost aid of at least three.

Microsoft and Apple grudges, shifting alliances, success or failure, but it is difficult to clarify, the now dormant Who knows not to someday make a comeback, proud of today maybe tomorrow in decline. This scene, there was to see.

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