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Apple's China Opportunity

     Apple is or has been in the Chinese market occupies a pivotal position, according to data released by the synchronous network has more than 10 million iOS devices in mainland China, 70% of the iPhone, the remaining 30% is iPad or iPod Touch. Such a huge number of relying solely on the completion of the four directly managed retail stores in Apple and China Unicom cooperation, of course, Apple in China, there are a large number of authorized dealers.

To know this is already a very remarkable achievement, mainland licensed Apple products and a few years ago, consumers can only choose the parallel imports of the United States or Hong Kong, to use complex unlock crack. Until last year, Apple's online store was opened for mainland users, but the crazy pursuit to Apple's growth rate is a roller coaster, which is beyond everyone's expectations including even Apple's own. Their goods are always out of stock, especially popular iPhone and iPad, Apple is well versed in consumer psychology. Even build a new groups of traffickers, they rely snapped up Apple products and then sold for profit.

The Chinese market is constantly help Apple to create a new miracle in 2011, Apple's sales in China exceeded 10 billion U.S. dollars may tremendous growth driven by-swept mobile phone iPhone Tablet PC iPad constantly innovative products continues to attract users attention, while the annual growth of the Mac product sales in China reached 144% (Q2 2010), much higher than the 73% average growth in the proportion of the Asia-Pacific region. According to Distimo data, China has become the AppStore the second largest market, but AppStore not even provide enough support for Chinese users, such support might include language, access speed, and Payment.

Obviously, Apple has discovered the enormous potential of the Chinese market, which is likely to become the main source of growth in the next few years. First, to strengthen the put in the mainland areas of advertising and branding, which is more obvious in the last couple of years. Apple's future will continue to strengthen its own sales network, including the creation of more brand outlets, to recruit more and more reliable authorized net sales.

Apple's products are getting cheaper for Chinese consumers, the most obvious sense, the mainland price already contains a large number of the tax burden, but remains fairly with Hong Kong and other places product price, which means that Apple against the mainland consumers with separate pricing strategy, new pricing strategy is also conducive to to combat parallel with cattle. Apple constantly strive to improve consumer purchase and post-sales experience, which include net sales outlets, authorized more stringent requirements, more rigorous training of the staff, more in line with consumer demand specification.

Apple may change also includes support for more network operators, In addition to the helm of the WCDMA network, China Unicom, China, China Telecom, China Mobile, two mobile operators. Rumored that Apple may launch support for the CDMA 2000, TD-SCDMA iPhone, the popular mobile devices support China Telecom, China Mobile's network standard, means that Apple instantly more times consumers use, they provide the perfect experiences.

About AppStore, which is the most important part of the Apple ecosystem, may increase in the future on Chinese language support, increased support for local payment. Domestic consumers can only purchase applications through the exchange or gift cards, complicated process is not suitable for the average consumer, AppStore make more localized improvements, first to a substantial increase in sales volume of applications, cheap and easy applications will have More people are willing to pay, and can enhance the attractiveness of the AppStore developers Secondly, they may be given a more appropriate pricing and increase Chinese language support for all applications.

Vital to the future of the Chinese market for Apple, which may be one of the world's leading emerging markets, and the sales of Apple products in here are still skyrocketing. There are countless consumer desire for new things, Apple's products will no doubt be able to meet their needs. Apple needs to do now is to make a quick change for this market, favored by the consumers in this market.

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