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     Most kids I've come across including when I was a kid love to draw, doodle or paint; it seems like we're all born with this love for the most part and as we grow up, sometimes that love dwindles, goes away all together or remains with us. The reasons for the different aspects of art leaving our lives as we grow up are many and varied; they can range from just plain losing interest, becoming frustrated enough as we get older that we're not happy with our work and we move onto something else that we're better at and sometimes it's simply due to lack of encouragement by the grown-ups around us including parents.
I will tell you though why I think it's so important to keep encouraging a child's artwork, whether it's painting, fingerpainting,drawing,doodling, etc. It's a huge boost to their self-esteem; you don't have to be great at art and let's face it, there's only so many child prodigies out there that are exceptionally gifted from the onset; art is about so much more than having something you can tell what it is or define in a nice little niche. Art is about the soul; it's where a person's creativity sparks and is allowed to express itself without any hindrance or fast set rules.
Another wonderful reason to encourage a child is something we might overlook on occasion. Children, no matter their age, have a hard time expressing themselves verbally- let's face it MOST adults aren't exactly great in this area either; hence why so many arguments are started, divorces happen, etc. Now if something is really bothering the child or is worrying them, how do you think they might express it? You guessed it right!! with their Art! Art is a wonderful way to express your emotions and children do this all the time; now am I suggesting that you start to analyze each piece your child draws, paints or sculpts out of play-dough? Of course not! What I am saying though is that if a child is open to art, enjoys creating, this is another outlet for them to use when they're troubled about something rather than locking it up inside where it can do real damage. Personally, I think that's something a lot of adults need or should realize as well.
Personally, I like to use myself for an example on this sort of situation; I always enjoyed drawing & doodling for most of my life but was never into it enough to pursue it passionately till a few years ago; this wasn't due to my parents lack of encouragement; they always thought my work was the greatest even when it really wasn't. I hate to say it but I just was never interested enough in it to pursue it continously although I always did add a touch of art to most things I did, whether it was designing my folders I used for school to even one time painting a pair of my shoes partly gold to make them unique hehe. Look at me now, I'm a graphic designer/digital painter and rarely go an entire day without trying my hand at something creative unless I'm in a tremendous creative block in which case I do take a breather so as to keep the frustration from building up.
Naturally, not every child who dabbles in art will become an artist, writer or what have you but by allowing them the opportunity to explore their creativity, their imagination throughout their life through art, no matter the form, you will be helping to raise a human being who will be open to new ideas, explore new paths, never lose their sense of wonder and no matter what career they pursue as they grow up these sorts of qualities will be of a tremendous boom to them and will give them both an edge & an outlet for when things get tough and seem overwhelming.

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I'm a self-taught digital artist/graphic designer who creates digital paintings of wildlife & fantasy art including Egyptian deities,big cats, birds and much more; check out my site to see all the ways I can help your art & business needs.

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