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     What, precisely, is an article spinner? Many people really don't know the answer to this question.

An article spinner is supposed to be the internet marketer's dream. Most people do know that writing articles is a great way to get traffic to your website and get noticed by the big G - Google. However, article writing can be very time consuming and it therefore does take a lot of time and a lot of articles to produce results.

There are a number of things you can do with articles such as submit them to a site like e-zine articles where you create an author's bio at the end of the article and include a link back to your website. Somebody reads the article and then clicks on your link and presto! you have a visitor to your website.

You can also write articles as blog posts on your website with links to an affiliate product, for example. You hope that Google will pick up your articles and that you will get to the top of Page One. And if you write enough articles then you may just do that. However, the problem with all this is the time it takes. You could, of course, outsource the article writing, but that costs money.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a piece of software that could take an article that you wrote just once and turn it into dozens of similar articles on the same subject but that read differently and at the same time included your links? You could then spread these new, different articles all over the internet.

Enter the article spinner.

Unfortunately it isn't quite as simple as that. There is a lot of article spinning software available out there, some of it free, but an awful lot of it is so much garbage.

With some article spinners you have to enter words manually and the software will then select from alternatives. so you might have the sentence "John will cook the meal". You would then set this up as "John will (cook/prepare/create) the meal". The software will now select the three words and produce three different sentences. You can see how it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, setting this up manually and checking the results probably takes longer than writing a new article!

Second generation spinners vary, but are supposed to do the job for you. However, you have only to look at some of the content on the internet to realise that many of them produce gibberish which in many instances looks as though it may have been written by a poorly educated chimpanzee.

As an example, here is something that I saw just a couple of weeks back. The sentence "You can do this with one click of your mouse" was put through a spinner and then read "You will be able to achieve this with a single click of your rodent"! I am absolutely serious.

There are some article spinners out there which are reputed to work quite well, one of which is The Best Spinner. This works as follows. You copy and paste the article you want to spin into the software. You then click on "Identify Synonyms" and the spinner will find all of the words in the article which have synonyms that are already in the database.

You then click on any word you want to find synonyms for. The synonym window will open and you just click on the word you want to use. Then you hit the Tab or arrow key and highlight the next word you want to find synonyms for. The software will inject the last word or phrase into the article and so you go on.

If you want to use the same synonyms throughout the article for a particular word or phrase you can hit the Replace All button and it will do just that.

Another article spinner just launched is Spin Rewriter 3.0 which is claimed to be 20 years ahead of its competition. That remains to be seen.

In a nutshell, it seems that an article spinner is not the dream solution that internet marketers would wish it to be. Not only that, but Google is getting better at detecting articles that have been spun. For example, twenty articles on one blog that all have about the same number of words is a giveaway for a start.

In any event you can get articles written on sites like hirewriters and iWriter for as little as $3.50 for a 500 word article with all the SEO content that you need and which will satisfy the requirements of the search engines.

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Wadner Tranchant is an Author and internet entrepreneur. To learn more about web content writing tips and article service tips for your internet marketing need. You can simply visit

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You can create high quality articles on virtually any subject in less than 15 minutes with the absolute best content spinner available on the web. CLICK HERE to learn more. 

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