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Augmented Reality Retail

     Augmented Reality a new dimension in marketing and advertising.

Worldwide TV and print ad spending is approx. $600B, but with little or no feedback to manufacturers on their advertising spending (ROI). Why big brands like Nike and Coca-Cola are diverting billions of dollar spending from traditional advertising media to digital and social media? These companies realized that they spend huge sum of money in media marketing every year without a clear customer feedback or target consumer. Is there a technology that can add interactivity to the traditional media, TV, print etc. Augmented Reality Mobile Marketing bridges the gap between traditional media marketing and Digital Marketing.

The Smartphone camera acts as glasses similar to Google Glasses and create objects and images in real environment that enables users to interact with the world around him. The Augmented Reality technology has been there for years but Smartphone enabled its use by the masses. Today, it has been incorporated into the core of many industries like manufacturing, robotics, engineering design, entertainment and military training.

CopperPix Technologies Inc is a leading company in Augmented Reality (AR) technology with expertise in the conceptualization, development & implementation of business mobile apps. With its state of the art development lab,a creative and dedicated team, the company provides interactive mobile marketing solutions to businesses around the world. With every product, the primary goal of the company is the success of their customers and converting traditional mass media communication into an effective dialogue between a manufacturer and consumer.

The distinctive products offered by CopperPix Technology Inc are PixAura, PixAura+ and ExplorAR. Below is a brief description of products and ways in which these applications enhance traditional media promotion.

Picture is an augmented reality mobile app using which a user point, scan and view objects on top of content that they view via smart phone camera. It makes static print content come alive in the form of promotional videos and animation creating a magical experience for the user which enhances Brand engagement. This app can be used by marketers as a dynamic marketing tool as well as an analytics tool for web analytics, as it helps in keeping a record of the location, tracking number of downloads and users of the app. It enables companies to display ads based on the userís location, language and acceptability.

PixAura+ is another mobile app based on augmented reality. Apart from all the features of PixAura,this app creates a visual experience that is magical. As an object is scanned through a mobile camera, it creates a 3-D effect on scanned content like in a Harry Potter movie where the pictures in the books start moving in real life. Also videos can be scaled bigger or smaller by zooming onto the object. PixAura+ can be very helpful for the companies who are seeking interactive marketing, as it helps increase levels of customer engagement with the brand and ultimately get a good ROI on their products.

ExplorAR is an app that creates an interactive environment in which information is generated virtually for the products. For example if a customer scans an image on a Noodles packet through ExplorAR, instantly all the information about the ingredients & recipe would flash on the screen. Also options such as deals, store location, videos, online purchase, social sharing and User feedback are made available to the user thus helping brands inch closer to the customers. ExplorAR comes with templates that are highly customizable as per the requirements of brands to showcase different products.

In future company will focus on becoming an AR search engine showcasing relevant information about different streams of businesses which no search engine can cater till date. Being an upcoming leader in Augmented Reality CopperPix will keep on bringing new innovative solutions to make augmented reality, penetrate the market and connect the dots between social media, virtual reality, brands and Userís search activities right there, all at one place.

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