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Banana Nutrition

     We have all seen the Wimbledon tennis players on their midgame Banana Nutrition intake. It always seemed odd how they would bring Coca Cola into the mix. Those who asked were told how it was down to the ability of the two substances to mix allow for quick sugar release, and with that energy when it is needed.

It is not just tennis players who can benefit from Banana Nutrition however; it is the most natural food for us to eat, a throwback to our past swinging from the branches as evolutionary predecessors of who we are now. There is something that just feels right about good old Banana Nutrition, the choice of 100,000 generations of monkey kind.

Peeling back the skin what Banana Nutrition lies beneath? It is full of carbs that is what we need; it is full of potassium to keep our muscles able to go at high octane levels. Banana Nutrition can get the better of you though if you overdo it. 15 bananas a day or more can lead to serious gas build up in the stomach and intense pain. To avoid the agony don't behave like an all consuming gorilla in your Banana Nutrition intake. It would be a real slip up that is not 'a peeling.'

Right enough of the monkey business the fact of the matter is that many of us live in countries where bananas are not now, or never were naturally available as a consequence of an incorrect climate for their growth. How therefore can Banana Nutrition be a natural thing for us? It is often a concern to find that the food groups we know and love, the foods that we need to sustain us wouldn't be available to us if it wasn't for modern technology, and fleets of cargo ships.

There is something disconcerting about the thought that Banana Nutrition is somehow not natural for us. Were every body type to have had the time to evolve to its immediate continental or island surroundings, only able to eat those food groups that are in our surrounds or have been over the last 10,000 years, then Banana Nutrition wouldn't in fact be nutrition and could be a poison. Take the aborigine culture that hasn't had the time to allow their body mechanisms to evolve an ability to deal with alcohol. It is apples and oranges, but there is a point to focus on in the way that a banana still feels as natural as an Irishman eating a potato even though these only became available to the Irish through introduction of the potato in the 18th century.

Banana Nutrition is nutritious for all humans, it is in our DNA to eat them, and we just love them, we love how they feel in our mouths, the texture that comes with Banana Nutrition just feels right doesn't it? The next time you peel back on the fruit to take on your input of Banana Nutrition think on this and scratch your head in wonder like your predecessors.

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