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Barrow County Jail UFO Sighting

     UFO sightings have never been new to us today. In fact, UFOs were sighted even the past century but they didn't call it UFO, instead they called it airships. There are many websites today in the Internet entertaining UFO sightings from the public; these websites allow people to upload UFO videos to their website. UFOs perhaps, the one of the most engaging topic today. Many people have participated the phenomenon by reporting their claims with picture or even videos. On August 31 of this year, a local resident in Barrow Country reportedly saw strange lights above a jail in Barrow County.

According to the eyewitness, he was driving from Barrow County to Gwinett County when he recognized the strange lights flashing in the sky. He thought at that the strange flashing lights were police lights. After having a clearer view as he got closer to the lights, he found out that the objects were above a jail and moving towards Tennessee. The object was not in stationary but its lights were flashing. He described that the object has more than a dozen lights and they flashed in sets, and in different formation.

The incident was not witnessed by one person only but it was also recognized by a family driving from Tennessee. According to the father named Jerson Claines, the he was driving the car on a highway when his son, who was sitting at the back, first recognized the flashing lights. His son was surprised and told his mother who was sitting at the front seat and his sister who was beside him rest asleep. Jerson stopped the car kept his eyes on the strange lights for clearer view. Since the object was approaching them, just a few minutes, they got a clearer view as the object got closer to them.

As the object passed across them, they saw the oddest aircraft they have ever seen. The aircraft looks like a triangular while at the same time it looked like a bat. They saw more that a dozen lights installed on its based. According to them that the lights were flashing in sets where every set has 4 lights on it. The object hovered approximately 150-200 meters from the ground at a fast pace. After the object passed across them, they went back to the car and chased the object. However, they were not lucky enough to follow the object as it traveled fast and they lost their sight on the unknown object.

According to the family that the object merely unusual and they couldn't believed seeing an aircraft that they thought it never existed. Just the same statement of what the first eyewitness said. Both of them have sighted the same object but in different area. According to the MUFON that there claims would be engaging if both of them had photographed the unknown object. According to the Claines family, they were astonished and forgot to take pictures on the said odd object. The first eyewitness claimed that he doesn't have any cameras when he saw the unknown object above a jail in Barrow County.

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