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Being Aware Of The Characteristics And Significance Of Deionized Water

     Regardless of where you live, what kind of lifestyle, culture and belief systems that you have, it is undeniable that you, together with the billions of inhabitants in this world, consider water as one of the most essential elements that you cannot live without. That is why it is not surprising that such strict terms are followed to ensure its safety consumption.

From the common water source, human kind has devised a way to make water more revolutionary. It has leaped beyond its usual uses like cleansing, thirst quenching, cooking, manufacturing, and among others. Now, more and more ways are used to enhance the water quality that we could use. Included in this number of enhancements is deionized water.

You might have heard about the term deionized water for the first time, or you may have heard about it before, but you never really have gotten the chance to know about it in a deeper sense. Deionized water is very important if you intend to use it in processes where uncontaminated water is of high value. One may say that deionized water can actually be considered as very pure.

Deionized water is in demand in many industries because it gives them the result that they intend to get. Since it is very pure, anomalies in results are almost very unlikely to occur because of water contamination. Among many others, here are some of the instances where this kind of water is used:

1. It is used in dialysis centers.

2. It is used as a reagent in laboratories. Deionized water is used for measuring biological samples, rinsing of laboratory instruments and glassware before sterilization, and media preparation to make sure that the media used for inculcation is sterile.

3. It is used in pharmaceutics and cosmetics to make water-based solutions. Deionized water is preferred because of its purity that would prevent side effects from occurring. It is used in electronics to process and clean silicon wafers and optic fibers.

4. It is used in automotive to top up lead batteries of any vehicles and it also serves as a cooling agent. In fact, some carwash businesses use deionized water as the final wash for your car.

You may wonder how deionized water can be made. Can you get it from boiling water for some time just like how your teachers used to tell you when you were younger? Well, deionizing water is more complicated than that. In fact, it would need to undergo a certain process. To make things simple just imagine the whole process as making water run from one thing through another where, in every passing through, the water is made more pure.

First, it goes though an organic trap. True to its name, it traps all the organic compounds in the water. How does the organic trap do this? Organic traps are really ion exchange resins (strong base anion resin), so it could absorb the cationic (negative) organic compounds. Then, it would go through the twin-bed deionizers. It composes of two chambers that make use of acid and caustic solutions to further take away the organic and ionic impurities. Even after going through the two chambers, water is still yet to be cleansed that is why it goes through the mixed bed resin which filters up to .05 micrometer impurities. After filtering microscopic impurities, water then undergoes an ultra violet treatment. This treatment would surely kill unicellular organisms and bacteria that are harmful to the body. Lastly, the water goes through a final filtering of .02 micrometer.

With this very meticulous process, you can say that deionized water is considered to be very, very pure. On the downside, however, since it is very pure, it has also lost some of the minerals that are good for the body. This is the reason why it is not so ideal for household use, especially drinking purposes.

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