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Benefits of Bookkeeping Outsourcing for Accounting Firms

     If you have decided to outsource your accounting to a company overseas, and are wondering what it would take to maximise your benefits and profits, then you should continue reading on. The objective of outsourcing accounting can be varied, you might not have the workforce to carry out the latest project you are looking at, you may not want to hire new members to temporarily cater to a spike in work, or the best reason of all, you want to save money. In all the cases mentioned, you can outsource your accounting, if you are a CPA or a CPA firm, nothing should stop you from maximizing your benefits from the work you get.

Before you go any further and attempt to outsource, you should first of all determine what your requirements are. The biggest stumbling block and the major reason for failure for any accounting outsourcing today is not gauging properly why or how much to outsource. Depending on the amount of work you have, you should first analyze how much can be completed in house, once that is calculated, you should then consider the nature of the work, is it seasonal? (like taxes), or is it regular accounting work like book keeping?. This is an essential step in accounting outsourcing, as you might end up entering a contract where you are utilizing only some part of the seats you are paying for. Some CPA firms also prefer downsizing their current team to outsource, if that is the case then clearly plan for all the management issues you might encounter.

The second thing to consider is security, not all clients are comfortable with off shore outsourcing of their financial details. The truth is that your financial details are safe with BPO vendors (outsourced centres), as their entire process depends on it. However do not assume that all clients are comfortable with accounting outsourcing (unless you feel that the client does not really care, as long as the job gets done). In either case you should get the details sorted out before you go about finding a BPO provider to outsource your book keeping or accounting work.

Once you are ready to outsource, and have determined your requirements, the smartest thing to do is to speak to other people who have outsourced their accounting as well. Often CPAs and CPA firms prefer hiring a US based accounting BPO vendors so that they can easily deal with them directly. This saves them handling the off shore centre. If you have decided to directly outsource your accounting to companies in India, China and Philippines, you should actually put out a project on numerous project outsourcing sites, this enables you or your firm to receive competitive bids for accounting outsourcing, hence helping you in getting a good deal.

Once you have short listed a few companies (always consider more than one company at the same time), you should then do some research and assess the credibility and reliability of the BPO vendor, however if you have hired a US firm to further outsource your accounting, you will be spared this step. There should be clarity in what you have to offer in terms of work, and clarity in terms of what the company is offering, usually BPO firms offer 24x7 customer care to go with your accounting outsourcing, this means that they are available either on phone, or chat so you can access information whenever you want.

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