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Best Work From Home Positions

     The dream of most people in the labor force is not retiring, but finding a job that will allow them to work from home, earn well, and choose the schedule that best fits them. In the traditional line of work, that is something that is just a dream and would have no hope of turning into a reality for most. However, if you really do want this dream and are willing to take a bit of a risk, there are certain options that you can venture into. Here are a few things you may want to consider, as well as what you might need to set up the job:

1)Virtual Assistant

a.What you would need – a strong internet connection and a flexible schedule

b.What it requires you to do – since it says "virtual", it would mean that you would not want to be there all the time. However the jobs would really vary, from simple calendar handling to actual attendance of certain meetings (over the phone, of course) and acting as a secretary. The skills may vary, and the pay would also vary depending on what is required of you. Pay is known to be between $5 an hour to $100.

2)Medical transcriptionist

a.What you would need – a strong internet connection, a good headset and knowledge of medical terms

b.What it requires you to do – as the title suggests, you will be listening to recordings of medical procedures. These could vary from simple notes of doctors to their statements and the conversation that happens during an operation or medical procedure. Some doctors would have thick accents while others will be speaking through masks and it will be your job to identify what they are saying. Just a passive knowledge of medicine will not help here. People who hire transcriptionists usually ask for documentation of training or background in the medical field. The pay is dependent on performance, although the median rate is reported to be at $15 an hour.

3)Call center representative

a.What you would need – a reliable internet connection, a good headset and a lot of patience

b.What it requires you to do – have you ever called your phone company in order to escalate a billing issue or ask about certain services? When you take this job, you will be on the receiving end of the phone, and you will need to assist customers who call in, no matter what attitude they display. The service you give will also be dependent on the company that hires you, so there is no guarantee as to what kind of job you will have. Be sure to ask as to what your billing rate will be, because companies pay differently. Some pay based on the number of calls you receive, while others pay by the minute that you are on the phone servicing customers, and not for the time spent waiting for a call.

4)Multi-level marketing

a.What you would need – good knowledge of your product and a winning attitude

b.What it requires you to do – this is really more on sales, and among all the mentioned jobs this is the one that would allow you to work out your own schedule. You can plan the way you market your product, convince other people to sell, and earn from both your own sales and the sales of your recruits. The work could be rather challenging at first, but the rewards could quickly escalate well beyond whatever other hourly rate any other job offers. What is important is you keep on going.

The present time has allowed people to rethink the way that business is done, and a lot of people have come up with new ways to earn and help other people earn. All you need to do is choose the business most appropriate for you, find a comfortable spot and then dive in.

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