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Blepharoplasty Vancouver Surgery Specialist

     Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery done on the eyelids to reduce the fat deposition and to give a fresh feel to the eyes. The surgeons with trained professionalism perform the eye lid surgery. An oculoplastic surgeon is one who specializes in the plastic surgery and reshaping the region around the eyes. An ophthalmic surgeon concentrates on the eyelids, eye and the orbit. A specialist in this field does only surgery related to these parts of the body.

The education requirement of a ophthalmologist starts with a preliminary medical degree study, and a specialization in ophthalmology. Followed to these professional degree and post graduation the surgeon has to undergo training in the field of ophthalmic plastic surgery.

This advanced training in the field of oculoplastic surgery provides expertise and the professionalism to approach a case of eye reconstructive surgery. There are some surgeons who get expertise only to a part of the eye like eye lid or orbit.

On normal basis of blepharoplasty operation takes duration of 1 to 4 hours. Time duration depends on the level of surgical steps performed. There are seen cases of swelling and pain on the eyes during the post surgical period. Eye drops and ice pad administration is done to reduce the pain and keep the eye safe from infections. The surgeon who performs blepharoplasty should gain experience consistently in the field of oculoplasty. An oculoplastic surgeon gains reputation through years of hard work and results brought out compared to others in the same profession of surgery. People suffering from Glaucoma, dry eye, thyroid disorders and diabetes are not recommended to do eyelid lift surgery to avoid complications.

Canthectomy is conducted in several cases as part of the eyelid surgery to remove the tissue layer present at the junction of eyelids. Botox medicine was refined and used as therapeutic agent by ophthalmologists in the year 1980.Botox medicines are widely referred by dermatologists to patients to prevent the wrinkles to form on the skin. Medicinal effect of a botox injection remains for a period of three to four months. An improper mode of administration can make the botox to have side effects like paralysis of muscle that was not aimed at, bruising.

The operative procedure of blepharoplasty starts by marking the outline of the skin to be removed from the eyelid. Then an incision is done along the region that is nearly 10mm above the eyelash. Next level is a second incision that is made according to amount of the skin to be removed. The opening of the second layer of skin and orbital septum will show up the fat accumulated area. In some cases the fat is removed nominally to reduce the post operative change in eyelids. Blepharoplasty is safe and is done widely in the medical field as eye is the main point of attraction in a human beings face. The cost of the surgery is modest and the recovery time is also fast.

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