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Book Publishing With Either Subsidy Or Partnership Publishers

     There are various ways to get your book published. The most tough is getting it conventionally published. Firstly you have to convince an agent to take you on then he has to win over a publisher. Even if through a great quantity of luck you finally do obtain a publisher they will merely try to sell your book for six months or fewer. If after that time your gross sales have not covered their costs your book would promptly be on the back order inventory and your career, as an author would be as good as wrecked.

An increasingly popular alternative is to make use of a subsidy publisher. The benefit with using subsidy publishers is they will take on anything so long as you are ready to pay. What makes the subsidy publisher distinct from a vanity publisher is they are more often than not upfront from the start on the subject of what they are offering.

They would exhibit a headline charge to get you interested, customarily including basic layout, production, final proof, print and submission to online booksellers. Anything further is an additional paid add-on. As soon as you make an enquiry you will be emailed with reference to ‘must have added services’ which will help your book sell. These comprise ‘necessary’ objects such as editing, tailored cover design etc. Their contracts, editing, quality of production, promotion, marketing, and other novelist services can vary widely.

You would discover that following your first contact the more unscrupulous ones launch the hard sell by persistent emails and offers. They would all promise you the world but look warily things are frequently not as good quality as they make out. Read what they are offering warily. The ‘must have’ extras rapidly raise the price substantially.

The one common denominator will be the final cover price of the completed book. It will doubtless be at least 20% more expensive than an equivalent conventionally published or partner published book (see below).

A proficient resource to get if you have made up your mind to go the subsidy direction is The Fine Print Of Self-Publishing by Mark Levine. Even a few companies who should know better are listed as ‘Publishers to Avoid’. The book is principally aimed at the USA market nonetheless many of the companies described operate internationally.

Don’t be tempted to use a specific subsidy publishing company simply because they are linked to a household name or they own an striking web site. Always remember the subsidy publisher makes money from the services sold to you the writer. Due to their negative reputation in the market place unless you are extremely fortunate book sales would be negligible.

Another, better option is partnership or co-publishing. This is where the writer shares some of the expense together with a small publisher. That way the publisher does not stand all the risk plus you as the novelist make more for your work.

Partnership publishers tend to be small reputable businesses who do not have the finances of the conventional publishers as a consequence although they are willing to publish your manuscript their business model depends on the novelist covering part of the expenditure. It is a type of halfway house between conventional and subsidy publishing. You have additional say in the design of your book. The publisher takes care of editing and layout. They also take care of stocking, warehousing, reprints and distribution.

You will initially have to send the publishing company your manuscript for evaluation. Beware, some might say they are partnership publishing organizations but they take anything (see subsidy publishing above).

Genuine partnership publishing companies are inclined to pick and choose because they have a stake in the success of your book. They would hopefully have a superior reputation in the ‘publishing world’ than a business that will print what you send to them no questions asked, such as the subsidy publishers.

Be very cautious and investigate as much as possible before you come to a decision to part with your cash. As with everything there are first-rate ones, second-rate ones and unfortunately rather too many downright terrible ones.

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