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Bottle Trap Series

     If you have a wall mounted basin, the bottle trap is a key design accessory that you must carefully consider. It will be quite conspicuous; hence you should select products from the bottle trap series that appropriately match the basin and tap, as well as the other accessories within your bathroom. Failure to do so would mean that you end up with a fitting that starkly contrasts with the rest of your bathroom fixtures and fittings. However, this design consideration isn't something you need to worry about if the wash basin is concealed within a cabinet.

Why Is The Bottle Trap So Important?

Without this vital fixture, your bathroom might literally smell of rotten eggs. This is the kind of smell you get from such gases as hydrogen sulphide, which usually accumulate within the drainage pipe and sewer that leads from your basin. In fact, it's not just an issue of personal discomfort; since such sewer gases are potential health risks (a 2013 study carried out by Victoria University identified hydrogen sulphide gas in amounts of 18 ppm. within waste water systems, which could threaten public health).

Fortunately, the bottle trap mechanism can effectively prevent entry of harmful and obnoxious gases into your bathroom. This is because it works just like the u-bend in a toilet, creating a water seal within the bottle section.

Since water entering the bottle section from the basin has to exit through a pipe placed at a higher level, the bottle retains some water in it. The pipe entering this bottle from the basin, always remains submerged within the retained water. Hence no gases can enter through this pipe to exit out through your wash basin. Moreover, the retained water is constantly replaced so that it too doesn't create a stink within your bathroom.

What If It Stops Working?

If the gas barrier mechanism fails, you're sure to notice some obnoxious smells within your bathing space. You may also experience other failures such as water leaks. However, this tends to occur if you choose products that are poor quality or in items that are poorly maintained. If there's any leak, you probably need to place better seals on the joint sections.

In the case of escaping gases, you'll need a more intensive assessment. Probably, the dip tube may not be effectively submerged in water. This may be due to improper installation or too much extension on adjustable traps.

In certain cases, the mechanism may experience negative pressure, which sucks water out of the trap. Such conditions of negative pressure are well known within the plumbing industry. In fact, the New South Wales Plumbing and Drainage Code of Practise provides a comprehensive list of various mechanisms to be used in tackling back-siphonage that results from it. Such solutions include: atmospheric vacuum breakers, dual check valves with atmospheric ports, hose connection vacuum breakers, pressure type vacuum breakers and reduced pressure zone devices. Such devices generally provide ventilation within the system to balance pressures on both sides of the water seal.

As you will soon find out, the most likely cause of blockages with the trap is hair getting washed down the drain. Therefore, you should try as much as possible not to let any such debris get into it.

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