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Butterfly Tatto or Angel Tattoo?

     Why Someone Might Want to Get an Angel Tattoo

You are considering getting your very first tattoo, and you are not sure what you would like to get. You want to make sure it is something expressive, and something that you would be proud to display on you skin for the rest of your existence. Thus, you have determined that you might like to get an angel tattoo.

On the subject of Angel Tattoos

There are many reasons why people choose to get angel tattoos. When you think of an angel, what do you think of? Perhaps love and protection come to mind, and since angels can be a symbol of both, it is no wonder why some people who have gone through tough times choose to get an angel tattoo. Angels are meant to watch over us, so another reason why people might choose to get an angel tattoo is as a way to remember a loved one who has passed away. For example, if you have lost someone that you loved, chances are that you would like to think that your loved one still watches over you and is now an angel. Thus, you can incorporate you loved one's features into your angel tattoo.

Perhaps you have the nickname "Angel" and would like to get an angel tattoo because of that. Or, Maybe you are a religious person and would like to celebrate your faith by getting an angel tattoo. There are many reasons, but the important thing, once you have chosen the angel design that you want, is to figure out where you would like the tattoo placed.

If you are a man considering getting an angel tattoo, consider getting the tattoo on your chest or your upper arm, as those are two favorite places for men to get tattoos. You might also considering getting the tattoo on your leg. If you are a female, perhaps you would like to place the tattoo on the small of your back. Or, perhaps you would like to place it on the upper part of your shoulder. No matter where you put it, be sure that it is in a place that you fee the most comfortable with.

There are many separate kinds of angels, so if you have a favorite angel, be sure to find a clear picture of the angel and bring it to the tattoo artist to use as a base for your tattoo. Of course, as with any tattoo, make sure that you choose a reputable tattoo artist. You are sure to find the right tattoo artist with the proper research.

The Varieties And Meaning Of Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are the most well-liked tattoo design for women all over the world. Women from all walks of life Decide on the butterfly for their body art to signify the belief that they are free-spirits, destined to go with the flow of nature. Butterfly tattoos also symbolize the metamorphosis of a girl into a woman, much like a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Various Types Of Butterfly Tattoos

There are many variations to the butterfly tattoo, making them easily customizable for any personality. Some individuals choose to combine their butterfly tattoos with flowers, such as lilies, daisies, roses, or sunflowers, while others combine them with a vine to create beautiful armbands. They can be created as a tribal design using thin lines and basic colors, a Celtic design, or your regular garden variety butterfly. Butterfly tattoos are like snowflakes, with no two designs being exactly alike unless it is planned that way. Due to the infinite amount of styles, colors, and combinations available in butterfly tattoo designs, anyone can create the perfect butterfly tattoo to represent you.

Different Meanings For Different Areas

A lot of people like butterfly tattoos because of their capacity to be placed anywhere on the body. What most of them do not know is that the location of the butterfly tattoo on the body can represent a special meaning. When the tattoo is placed on the shoulder, the tattoo signifies that the woman is a dreamer who often has her head in the clouds and is not ashamed to admit it. Butterfly tattoos located in the chest area reflects a love of all living things, while tattoos placed on the lower back reflect stability, prosperity, and trust. A butterfly tattoo located below the belly can signify virginity, celibacy, or, in some cases, a return to innocence. Regardless of the tattoo's position on the body, a butterfly tattoo symbolizes the essence of life and the ability of the human soul to soar free of any earthly constraints.

Women who elect to get butterfly tattoos come from all stations and walks of life. The designs are popular in many countries and can be found on women of all ages, nationalities, and social standings. It is believed to be a symbol of the power contained within all women and demonstrates the beauty of the womanly form by correlating the colors, shapes and hues of the butterfly wings to the different shapes and hues of all women, beautiful in any combination.

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