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Can Fear of Falling Or Walking Be Cured?

     Though not the most frequent phobia we see in our busy hypnotherapy practice here in the U.K., ambulophobia -- the fear of falling or walking -- is nevertheless a not uncommon condition.

Although this fear can be experienced at any age, it seems to be more common as a person grows older.

Where once the person felt safe on their feet, free to walk, run or dance, now they feel uncertain and unsafe, needing a walking stick or something or someone to hold onto in order to be mobile.

Some who experience this disorder are fearful of walking on polished or uneven surfaces, others where there are rugs, mats or carpets. Still other people feel uncomfortable walking on almost any kind of surface, particularly when away from home, where they feel even more intensely vulnerable and unsafe.

The fear of falling is one of the few inborn fears. It's a component of something called 'the Moro Reflex', but we outgrow this very quickly as we mature. Other inate fears are the fear of loud noises, known as 'the startle reflex', and the fear of abandonment. These natural fears are part of every child's inborn survival mechanism.

Although it is natural for human beings to feel anxiety or fear when there is serious danger of falling, ambulophobia is an anxiety disorder that transcends natural fear, becoming highly exaggerated and disproportionate to the circumstances and situation.

The fear of walking or of falling is most often the result of an experience in the past where the person fell, saw someone else fall - a process known as 'emotional contagion' - or where the person experienced a shock or fear connected with using their legs. The person might have experienced dizziness. they may have slipped or fallen, and this has then become linked with fear at the subconscious level. This specific experience has now become generalized to all walking, becoming a 'conditioned reflex', which now elicits an unwanted and unmerited degree of anxiety in situations that are in fact normally quite safe.

Surprisingly, the origins of this particular phobia may be traced back to an experience, or initial sensitizing event in childhood, remaining dormant for years, and only becoming manifest when something triggers it into being later in life. This triggering event might have coincided with a particularly emotional or stressful time in the person's life, or it may have been re-activated through an experience similar to the original sensitizing experience.

It's not necessary that the person with this phobia be able to consciously remember what triggered it. The subconscious part of the mind has forgotten nothing, and it is this part of the mind that is consulted when in the trance state of hypnosis.

Once the initial sensitizing event, together with significant reinforcing events and the symptom-producing event have all been uncovered and correctly re-processed or neutralized at the subconscious level, then the exaggerated fear and anxiety usually just fades away.

If you or if someone you know is experiencing ambulophobia; if you're afraid of walking or falling, then be assured, help is available.

Get in touch with a qualified hypnotherapist and you might be surprised at how quickly you can release yourself from anxiety and fear.

Through modern advanced transformational hypnotherapy you really can conquer ambulophobia, end the anxiety, and return to your natural state of balance and well-being.

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