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Cartooning and Comics in Your Home School Curriculum

     Is there an area for funny drawings in a child's education?
"How will it facilitate his teachers?" a parent would possibly ask. I never asked that query when my 2 sons would doodle within the margins of their notebooks and faculty papers. These doodling just happened and they were a typical sight on their papers. They did not seem to feature to or detract from the standard of their schoolwork, thus, if nothing else, I might get a very little amusement when I checked out their papers.

Some children prefer to doodle on their college papers. That's most likely a massive half of how my oldest son developed and improved his drawing skills over the years. No, he will not do realism art, nor does he aspire to attain that sort of creative ability. His art is comic vogue--cartoons--and if I collected his several years' worth of doodling, we have a tendency to might most likely manufacture quite a funny book of random pictures.

An area of specialization
We tend to've heard that we tend to should find out what our child's area of specialization is and let her hone and develop that. If I were tuned in enough to my son's doodlings, perhaps I might have recognized his gift earlier. It wasn't until when he created his cool animated film, "Carl and Ben...and Beeky," when he was eight years recent, and drew...and drew...and drew...till he had drawings everywhere (underneath the bed, in the laundry hamper, under the pile of newspapers, on the kitchen table, in the toy box, etc.), that I started wondering if this was a lot of than just a passing fancy. I finally got the cue when he started showing other kids his comic strips, and they completely enjoyed them, that maybe his comics could be shared with a wider circle of kids, like, children all over the country. And how else could that happen except by publishing his comics?

If your kid shows signs of artistic ability--drawing, writing stories, painting--maybe you'll be able to let your kid focus on this space and apply that as part of his home college curriculum. It may result in an A grade, fulfilling an art or creative writing course requirement. Or, as within the case of my son, it may not only earn him that A grade, but it could become a book that shares the humor section at the bookstores and libraries with Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes. Wow, what an honor for him. Welcome to Beeky Airlines, authored by a fourteen-year-old homeschooler, rubbing spines with the likes of Calvin and Hobbes.

Flip that thinking around
For me, coming from a family whose parents did not regard art highly as a result of my oldsters were thus sensible (art could not possibly allow you to earn a decent living), I have come back to see that a kid's creative ability could be a gift not to be discouraged, but one that should be allowed to blossom. It could, when all, be used to bless others. Do not most folks enjoy reading a smart comic book that makes them laugh? If Charles Schulz never drew his easy, spherical-headed characters, I never would have had volumes to pore over in my growing-up years.

Let your home college be a place for your child to cartoon
Yes, there's a place for cartooning in your child's curriculum. It might be done as a 1-semester art category, or it could be the beginning of a lifelong passion. Do not worry if your kid's art does not look like Michelangelo's. There are many cartoonists' works that have charmed the hearts of multitudes that appear as if very little a lot of than elementary-grade drawings. It's the full combination of drawing, storytelling, and completing projects that are the items that matter when you're doing this in a home school setting.

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