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Categorizing Doomsday Predictions

     If there's one thing that all doomsday predictions have in common, it's the fact that none of them really came true. It's not that we are complaining though, but don't you find it tiring when almost every year or every other year someone predicts a thoroughly scary and messy way for mass extinction?

If you're like me then you have probably learned to take every doomsday prophecy in stride. I, for one, already have a set of rules on how to distinguish the clearly impossible, the sort-of possible and the possible but not right now predictions. I'll apply this in most of the doomsday 2012 prophecies that are running the rounds online.

1. Planet Collision
I think it's possible but definitely not right now or in the near future. I am amazed most of the time as to how the galaxy works. I mean, one wrong move or a series of small events could cause the explosion of something as big as our world. I think it's always possible but I do believe scientist when they say that if it is, then we should already have some tangible data of its possibility. Right now, we cannot prove the existence of Planet X, the planet they say would collide with Earth, nor do we find proof of our planet not following it's usual path. So until there are news of another planet or a comet spotted to cross our path, I'll label this theory "possible but not right now."

2. A Great Flood
When Hurricane Katrina struck and buried some houses in water and even tore down houses, I was definitely scared. It was both scary and tragic and I knew that whether it's a great flood or not, I had to prepare my family for any disaster involving water. Though I don't think it's possible for a great flood that will cover all of the planet in water, I do believe that a disaster involving the combination of water and wind is a possibility and as such, we should always be prepared.

3. A Frozen Planet
Another popular doomsday theory is that the planet will be completely frozen, sort of like during the Ice Age. I think with global warming, the exact opposite is going to happen - not that I'm happy about it either. The way I see it, we could either be freezing to our death or burning to our death - I don't know which is worse. I think that with the current way that we are treating our planet now, it's bound to happen. So though I don't think that I'll be there when it does, I want to make sure that I'm part of the solution, and not the problem.

I think one good thing that we could get from all these doomsday theories is that we are more cautious and aware when it comes to our planet. We have been abusing it and I think that now that we do realize it's effect and even feel it, we start working more on how to lessen our impact on the planet and hopefully, never experience doomsday 2012.

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