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Change Your Look With The Help Of A Personal Styling Consultant

     You are going back to office work after more than nine years of independent work. It's a marvellous job and you're very excited but you feel as though your current wardrobe is simply not going to serve. It was all you could do to put together an outfit for the interview and even still you felt as though it was more casual than perhaps the occasion required. It is not simply a matter of wardrobe either. You have never worked for this type of company and for the first time in your life you're going to have a job which will require a conscious restyling of the way you present yourself. You're going to need help. Regrettably all of your closest friends dress more casual than you do. Why not consider a personal styling consultant?

## I'm don't know. It seems a bit much. After all it's just a job. Then again, I do feel a little over my head.

The last thing you need when starting a brand new job is to be feeling awkward or unsure of yourself. You would like to feel as though you belong, as though you fit in. You were hired for your skills and experience. It would be a horrible shame to feel somehow disqualified by your slacks and shoes. There is nothing essentially wrong with how you've been dressing. Just as there's nothing wrong with how you feel you must dress for this new position. So, that being said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with some outside expertise guiding you from one to the other.

## I do not want to dress up like someone I'm not. I do have my own sense of style it's just not really in tune with my new workplace.

In tune; that's an outstanding way of putting it. A decent personal styling consultant will honour the client's tastes and styles and help them simply tune or shift their sense of style and wardrobe in such a way that they still feel connected to their new look. No one should be considered a blank slate.

## Is this kind of consultation really expensive?

Well, of course, prices will vary but it should not be outrageously expensive. For close to the cost of a completely new outfit you should be able to spend a few hours with someone who can evaluate your current style and wardrobe and then bring a lot of expertise and practical experience to the new look you wish to achieve. It sounds as though you will probably need to buy new clothes for this new job. That could be an expensive undertaking. Better that you do so equipped with as much knowledge as possible so that you can make the most of your purchasing dollar.

## How I loathe shopping for clothes! Perhaps the person I employ can also help me buy the clothing I require.

In all likelihood, yes. Quite a few style consultants will also provide some form of personal shopping service as an obvious logical extension of their personal styling consultations.

If you feel as though you need a new look for whatever reason (it need not be a new job) and that you may need a little professional expertise a skilled style consultant is a wonderful investment. The tips and insights you will pick up in a few short hours will be yours to utilize for years to come.

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