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Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Option

     If you are thinking about bleaching your teeth, the substance that you choose to use can have a dramatic effect on what the result is. While there are many good products, there are many that can actually do more harm than good.

Discolored teeth can take away from your appearance and make it difficult to feel confident when smiling. Fortunately, there are several treatments available to brighten and whiten your teeth and restore them to a healthier shade.

Teeth naturally turn yellow, brown, or even green as you age, and can also become discolored after eating certain drinks such as coffee and tea, and when you smoke. The types of food you eat also dramatically effects the color your teeth turn.

If you like dark foods, such as berries, etc. this can cause a discoloration. If you are looking for a way to treat tooth discoloration, consider some of the following teeth whitening procedures and treatments:

First of all, there are different ways you can go about this process. One is by doing it in your dentist's office, while another is doing it at home.

You will need to decide which you are more comfortable with, and what your budget for bleaching is going to be, as the different methods range dramatically in cost. If you are going to do it the professional way in an office, the price is going to be much higher.

Brite Smile teeth whitening treatments are available in dental offices and also at self standing Brite Smile booths in malls and medical spas around the country. If you want to treat tooth discoloration quickly, you can undergo a Brite Smile teeth whitening procedure that makes use of hydrogen peroxide and a high-energy lamp that accelerates the bleaching process.

The tooth enamel responds to the lamp and can lighten teeth several shades after a single session. This can be very costly however, and take multiple procedures before you notice a difference.

Zoom! teeth whitening procedures work to reduce discoloration and lighten dentin. It treats discoloration that results from smoking, drinking red wine or coffee, and from stains resulting from the aging process.

These speedy teeth whitening procedures also involve the application of a gel and high-intensity lamp over the teeth. Treatments typically take about forty five minutes and you can use a touch-up kit at home to maintain results.

Zoom! teeth whitening treatments are not recommended for women who are pregnant or for children under thirteen years of age. Talk to your doctor first about if it safe for you, and if you are a candidate.

Opalescence Xtra Boost Teeth Whitening is a minimally invasive treatment for tooth discoloration. It is an in-office procedure that helps to reduce stains after eating and drinking certain types of foods, and removes stains from smoking.

This procedure works using a patented compound called PF - a mixture of fluoride and potassium nitrate - which helps to strengthen the teeth while reducing teeth sensitivity that is common with other teeth whitening procedures. The procedure is fairly simple - it involves applying a gel directly onto the teeth for ten to fifteen minutes.

Results are visible in about 24 hours after treatment. For those looking for speed, this can be a quick fix before a wedding, etc.

Bleaching tray treatments were once only available at the dentist's office but at-home teeth whitening kits can help to whiten and brighten teeth progressively. If you have relatively light color changes in your smile, an at-home teeth whitening kit can help you enjoy long lasting results with regular use.

There are a number of at-home whitening treatments available. You can invest in whitening strips, whitening trays, and paint-on solutions that can be applied on a daily basis and gradually whiten the teeth over a course of a few weeks.

Some are certainly more effective than others. Trays have been found to be the best at home application, and are quite affordable.

Learn more about teeth whitening procedures in our information guide, or consult with a cosmetic dentist in your area to find out if you are a good candidate for any of these treatments. Your dentist will need to perform a thorough examination of your mouth and gums to ensure that your teeth are healthy enough for a bleaching or laser treatment, and can provide you with a shade assessment so that you know what to expect after each whitening session.

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Tom Selwick is a former dental assistant, has authored hundreds of articles relating to oral health and has worked for an Scottsdale cosmetic dentist. He has been a guest dental lecturer for over 15 years. Contact Info: Tom Selwick

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