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Choosing the Right Salon in Austin

     The relationships we have with our hairdressers are very complex. There is a level of trust that comes from working with a stylist that is hard to define, but that is essential to our comfort level when it comes time for a haircut or color change. When we find it necessary to select a new salon, whether because our stylist has retired, the shop we frequent has closed, or we're new in town, we go through some mental anguish at the thought of rebuilding that special, trusting relationship with someone new.

The services we seek in a salon affect both the way we look and the way we feel. If we make a poor decision in choosing a salon, unfortunate results can be hard to hide and expensive to remedy. Therefore, it's important to do our homework before selecting that new salon and/or stylist. There are many ways to make the task of selecting a new salon and stylist less stressful if you just invest a little time for research. We've probably all experienced at least one "painful" hair disaster in our lifetimes and don't want to repeat it. Taking the necessary time and care to find just the right salon for you can prevent disappointments and disasters from occurring, and save you time and money in the long run.

The most obvious way to find a good salon is to ask. Friends and relatives are a great resource. You can tell them what services you're looking for, and ask if they have any experience with a salon that provides those services. If you're looking strictly for a hair stylist, watch for people with styles you admire and ask them who does their hair. This is a great way to compliment them on their style, and at the same time solicit some information for yourself. Don't be afraid to approach a salon to ask about their services and to watch the stylists at work. Good salons will be happy to work with you to find a good match for both you and the stylist. Check the internet. Many salons today have websites that offer tours of the facilities, a list of services provided, information about their staffs, and pricing. This is a great way to find a salon nearby that offers the services you are seeking. Once you have a salon in mind, drop by to meet the staff and see for yourself the kind of work atmosphere they have in place.

Once you find a salon you feel is right for you, take both the salon and the stylist for a "test drive." Make an appointment to try out a hairstyle in advance of that big date or important presentation. Try some simple services to help build that trustful relationship that is so essential to your peace of mind before you invest in the more expensive services. If you've chosen well, this should be the start of a long and satisfying relationship. If something doesn't click, however, don't be afraid to walk away and start the search anew. When the fit is right, you'll know it, and will look forward to returning to your new salon again and again.

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Roger Ubik has extensive experience in the salon industry in Austin, TX and is passionate about informing consumers. There are many Austin salons available. Finding the right treatment is crucial to a successful outcome.

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