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ClickBank Is A Virtual Goldmine With The Help Of CBProAds!

     Let's take a more detailed look at ClickBank. Not too deep in detail that you will become bored, but deep enough to REALLY get you excited about the opportunity available to make extra cash from ClickBank and CBProAds.

Firstly, ClickBank is an online merchant. They handle online financial transactions for their clients, called "vendors". ClickBank manages about 40,000 customers, but only 5000 of them are of any value to you as an Affiliate Reseller. (More on this later).

That's due to the fact that just about 5000 suppliers have set themselves up to permit other individuals (Affiliates) to sell their products in exchange for a commission. The various other suppliers just use ClickBank to process their online transactions for them, without offering an affiliate chance.

I am not sure why a vendor would decline affiliates, as it is like opening a couple of thousand franchise businesses free of charge, however some suppliers however pick not to do so. These 5000 or so suppliers that do offer the affiliate a chance to share in their profits have more than 11,000 services and products for you to choose from, which affiliates can make commissions of up to 75% on.

You will find most are offering between 40 to 60%, rather amazing! These products, (or most of them), are discovered within an area of the ClickBank Marketplace. Now, you can spend a lot of time checking out the various classifications trying to locate a specific product, (if you have time to kill) however, if you want to find exactly what you want, when you want, (and wish to pass on the same courtesy to your visitors), you would need some kind of search function.

Let's say you can find each of the 11,400 products and each product's supplier's user name. Then construct a link you feel confident enough with, to advertise within 3 minutes. That would work out to 33,000 minutes or 550 hours. That suggests if everything ran smoothly and you discovered every product and service within 3 minutes to make a link for each of these would take 550 hours or virtually 23 days working all the time!

Now, why did I share most of these products, not all are in the Affiliate Marketplace? Well, if a product is new to ClickBank, it will not appear in the Marketplace until it has actually had a valid affiliate sale. This indicates at least one copy of the item have to be offered by an affiliate, and not the supplier, to qualify for entry to the ClickBank Marketplace. It might take up to 30 days, to appear in the Marketplace.

The Marketplace is upgraded weekly. If a product and services in the Marketplace has actually not had a valid Affiliate sale in more than 30 days, the item will not appear in the Marketplace, it will return on its next valid sale.

If you wish to advertise any one item, the "hot sellers" and the most marketed are at the top of the results in the Marketplace area of ClickBank.


Don't think for a moment that it indicates that they are the best products, or even the very best value, oftentimes it simply indicates these items are marketed more vigorously. Because they are marketed strongly, if your visitor has actually seen them advertised lots of times by various other sites and marketers, their cookie might have already been placed on someone else's website, allowing someone else to get paid in the event of the sale, not you.

When you make a sale, ClickBank credits you that sale and it is added to your other commissions on account at ClickBank till it reaches the minimum you establish for a check to be sent by mail to you. ClickBank will post your checks fortnightly, you can rely on your ClickBank's timely payments. (If you live in the U.S.A you may wish to have direct deposits instead of checks!).

As I said earlier, ClickBank is an online distribution center for over 11,000 digital services and products that are delivered via the internet (by means of websites, files, or e-mail). If they cannot be delivered through the internet, ClickBank does not manage them. Every product offered by these vendors can be advertised through the ClickBank network of over 140,000 online marketers (affiliates).

Suppliers select the commission they wish to offer and inform ClickBank, affiliates advertise the vendors' items by referring interested customers to the supplier's web site by means of an unique tracking link called a 'hoplink', this implies you do not really even require an internet site.

The supplier's website explains the item, passing your client onto ClickBank, who will handle all the money transactions. ClickBank will pay the vendor and the affiliate, this make it a very easy process.

Affiliates can promote any product, ensuring they will be paid for all the sales they produce. Vendors can freely accept new affiliates without worry of fraud or misrepresentation. Exactly what does this mean in plain English? Once you send out a customer to the vendor website and they purchase, ClickBank & the vendor manage everything!

Consisting of:

The consumer receives the product they ordered;

The vendor receives his payment;

ClickBank ensures you receive the commission due to you! Keep in mind, commissions from ClickBank can range from 1% to 75%, however typical commissions are in the 40 to 50% VARIETY!!

Simply put, ClickBank is a virtual goldmine for those that make the effort to promote the 11,000 approx. services and products provided. There are ClickBank affiliates out there making well over $20,000.00 a MONTH!

We understand that CBProAds is helping others right now to obtain the online earnings they desire. Utilizing the leverage of CBProAds and the power of their ClickBank integrated system, you can too!

Did You Know?

CBProAds offers you the ability to instantly tie each and every one of ClickBank's items from over 5000 suppliers all through a single web page? As a matter of fact, with CBProAds, you can place all ClickBank Marketplace items on any website utilizing the search box plugin. Members find these boxes produce even more income for them than Google AdSense ads.

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