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Comic Character - Daredevil & Stunts

     Most popular for his original yellow costume which has some shades of red, Daredevil is one of the most popular comic characters since its creation. The character Daredevil has evolved with the passing of time but this has changed nothing about his passion for fighting crime and aliens.

In his first appearances, Daredevil had no fighting skills and he literally was an acrobat where he had amazing skills which he could often use to fight away the enemies. But it's the much time that Daredevil spent training boxing as well as wrestling in the gym that he got to develop his acrobatic skills and turn them into fighting skills and these would prove so instrumental in defining him. With the increase in his powers and fighting skills, things however did not call for him as there was an increase in the number of thug cases and hence he was required to fight huge groups of thugs.

The thugs were increasing, and with his skills and speed, he still needed something to boost him and a weapon at this time was the only sensible option that he had. Daredevil adopted in what would later become his signature weapon; a Billy Club. With his acrobatic skills and reflexes, this was weapon enough for him and he could fight against an enemy who had a gun comfortably since because of the ease at which he dodged bullets. Daredevil continued to grow as a character and it came to a point that his threats were no longer ordinary thugs but villains who wanted to rule. A good instance of these villains includes the purples man who was among the last villains that the foot while still wearing his popular yellow kit; the kit was later to be changed to red. One thing that will always be remembered for the amazing stunts he pulled right before he changed his kit. These Daredevil stunts were life threatening and the acrobatic tricks were advanced, not many people would try these tricks out. For this reason, Daredevil had earned a new alias, now people referred to as the "Fearless Man".

Daredevil with the red costume starts with getting into some mind-blowing adventures. These adventures are carefully positioned in order to bring to a perfectly timed re-union of Daredevil and one of his greatest friends; Spiderman. Albeit their friendship is not entirely evident in their first meeting since they argue a lot. After deciding to move for a while from the normal street life, Daredevil finds himself in savage land and as expected, there would be some issues to take care of at this point and this is in the form of the Atlantis prince who is called Namor. This famous Daredevil episode is found in Daredevil #7 and the immediate later episodes involves confrontation with some equally powerful enemies, this puts him to the ultimate test.

In recent versions of Daredevil, the enemies become more threatening and this retort him to do an armored kit which could help protect him. He is greatly affected with his father death and as he reflects on this, it becomes his redemption and it's at this time that he has some natural displays of his intellect and skills as a lawyer and detective respectively.

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