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Communication And Involvement Are Keys To Change In America, Not Forced Policy

     It has been proven time and time again, throughout history, around the world, in government and in business alike. Forced change results in rejection, resentment, and in many cases, retaliation in some shape or form. It leads to mistrust in leadership, hard divisions between the people, anger, hatred, and sometimes violence. I do not believe that this is what we want for America.

Culture change within families can take generations. Culture change in business organizations can take years. Culture change in the United States could take centuries, but it must be initiated before it can be reached, and it must be initiated through communication and involvement if it is to work.

If you back someone in a corner and try to force them to do something they do not want, you are likely to see them enter a defensive posture and their thought process will focus on one thing, survival. Just like a cornered animal, people will fight back, and their minds get closed off to little else.

Take that same person and ask them to do something that they may not normally do, and you may still not get cooperation, but it is more likely that the mind is still open for possible influence.

Now try again, but this time show the person what the issue is and explain why you need to do something different, and then ask if that person can offer any other possible solutions, and that person is now involved. The problem is understood, the reason the problem needs to be fixed is understood, and the person is a part of finding the best possible solution. Communication and involvement gets results.

It works in the same manner with departments in an organization, business organizations as a whole, local communities, and cities. It can also work for states and federal government.

Unfortunately our government leaders and our representatives must be willing to see this, and lead the way. We obviously cannot seem to vote this way of thinking into office, therefore we must attempt to initiate change from the bottom up.

In business we define a manager as someone who makes the decisions and enforces the rules, but a leader is someone who has real influence, and does not necessarily need to be in a position of management to exercise that influence. It is time for we the people to start the long hard road towards influencing our families, neighbors, and elected officials from the bottom up. It is up to us to create the much needed culture change in America and stop the division between the people before it is too late.

We can do this, one small piece at a time. Communicate, get involved, and encourage others to do the same. You are well aware or the ripple effect and you know it is very real. Be that pebble that sends out the ripple. Don?t allow your mind to be closed to new ideas. Encourage ?outside the box? thinking and embrace the diversity of our Nation, for through diversity comes great solutions that impact everyone.

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