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Communities of the Age of the Internet and Its Significance

     In the Internet era, and every day people pass by and you and I, and this chance encounter is caused by the Internet community-based. In the following, the author attempts to depth through the the brief Internet community development course explore the essence of community-based, and hope to help the practitioners of the early part of the Internet.

A. The foundation of the Internet community oriented - six degrees of separation

Which is built up on the basis of six degrees of separation theory SNS (Social Network Site - social networking sites), its most basic theoretical basis between you and a stranger only need six or so friends with each other occurrence information transfer .

Therefore, it is based on such a user can pass information to each other between the network structure, you can be friends also friends of friends form a weak link in an Internet. This one seems the viscous very solid interpersonal network, but in fact constitute a fairly close personal connections. The connections already break through the limitations of regional shackles and time. Especially in the Internet age of information explosion, to understand how to take advantage of the resources of the community-based, is the Internet's true adaptation.

II. Long-tailed significance - a small minority of the era, I become each other's passing

Here, you have to lift by Chris. Anderson "long tail." The popular talk, "The Long Tail" is a series of cost reduction, seemingly had no market will find its own market. From a macro sense, "countless" sum of the sales of niche products can exceed the sales of mainstream products.

When the long tail and the combination of the Internet, all marked the advent of a new niche era. Small minority of the era, the attendant triggered then people tend personalized inner world is gradually released.

From the first fixed dozens of TV shows to the information portal after polymerization intensification to the search engine to find what they want so now everyone can create their own information, and let others find themselves. Therefore, in some ways, the long-tailed significance to the SNS greater support, and that the body in which the individual must be because the integration of the same information to find like-minded people with their own. Or you can say, when they are looking at the same time, the information also are looking for their own. Here had praised Mr. Robin Li, founder of Baidu's understanding is very essential for the future of the Internet in depth: "You're looking for looking for you". The genius here is that there is no mention of a special limited this sentence, for example, or people. Because contact with all the virtual network, which is completely unconscious.

III. Community inevitability - is a process, not an end

Turbulent times in the Internet, the foreign community-based sites such as: Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. have been rising. Of course, the Internet in China has undergone many metamorphosis from the old three Sina, Netease, Sohu "to new three Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu" in the transition to community-based. Of course, the school (everyone), 51, happy is thoroughly rooted in the social networking sites.

It is clear, that is the site if in order to be able to more dynamic survival, you want to live longer, not only to learn the interaction between the user, the more important is the need to construct a community this sense, the formation of a "circle", so as to create a good user experience. Relying on the power of the circle will stick to the user to improve the user's activity, and thus counterproductive "circle", such as the formation of a virtuous cycle development, than gimmicks blindly rely on speculation and short-term increase in users means much longer.

Therefore, it can be said that the Internet has entered the era of relative interaction between a user community is an inevitable trend, but we must bear in mind: This is just the process of the development of the Internet is definitely not the purpose!

Of course, you might find Now, when it comes to do the site, who does not say that he is doing the community? It is already no longer be regarded as a popular. However, there is no shortage of fish, follow the trend of social networking sites do it, even the "shape" do not like, not to mention "God".

IV. Is the core technology of the environment between the social nature of the site - the development of "interpersonal"

First of all, I want to affirm here a very important point: do not in the community do technology, learn to develop "interpersonal" between the environment is the most core technology.

Communities on the Internet is actually a by the integration of information and information, information and people and ultimately achieve the relationship between people. Therefore, to build Internet community's ultimate meaning is that the significance of the interaction between all value framework above the value of interaction between participants.

In summary, as a tendency on the website of the service-oriented, community-based sites only pay attention to the existence of every individual. More profound touch to the service between users.

Dawson, one two, two three, three things. " A single user it is impossible to form a circle. So, is solely for the personal technical services is far enough.

Remember that your users want is not the interaction between a program! More than merely the only significance of the interaction between the machine and the user does not make any sense. Before the appearance of not highly innovative technology, you do not expect the technology will be much smarter than the opponent. The cold process alone is unlikely to ignite the enthusiasm from the user.

So, what is the most important service it? In short, is to find ways of creating a more favorable environment among people.

If the essence of the community-based "people", the essence of social networking sites is to establish a good interpersonal environment.

Internet-savvy people know, some third-party applications implanted after the open API largely constructed between excellent user environment. This is mainly to increase the interaction between the user in disguise, Just to give you a stand-alone version of vegeteal, so that you and the machine competition, you might even consider will not be considered. Therefore, there is to be seen, the significance of the game behind the program, but alive, like you and me, flesh and blood, the significance of the people. These procedures is to play connect you and me, in addition to meet some based on human weakness, thereby gaining a lot of success.

As Jim. Mentioned by Collins in "Built to Last" in the "do-made bell instead of timekeeping by." Therefore, the best tack is to produce a good mechanism to make the spontaneous generation of stickiness between the user, which makes each exposure to which people have had a sense of mutual dependence. This tackiness is based on a person's emotional viscous, very strong, and therefore is all the more long-term survival of this community.

Orange Health Huainan was orange Huaibei was born Hovenia, leaves only similar, in fact, taste different. Why they are how? Also different soil and water. "Shows that purely rely on imitation of community is not viable at best short-lived Bale. All its significance because of the nature of this community for the community while the community-based, are radical in pure technology, there is no significance between people!

All in all, growth and growth, according to results of performance mode mode impossible achievements of a true sense of the long-term stability of the Internet company, the result of the fish in the air can only be futile and vain. Everything just squaring the circle, smoke and mirrors Bale.

As mentioned above, the community of the significance is that the interaction between the significance Ultimately. All of this generation are based on an unconscious behavior. Communities like meridian, as to dredge meridians is only a process, its purpose is not to dredge itself, but rather the effect and meaning dredge meridians.

In a nutshell: everyone in the community should be involved and participate in the run manufacturing information unknowingly attract information, and gradually improve the communities themselves build.

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