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Compare Phone Plans to Solavei

     Solavei's Cheap Phone Plans Comparison to Other Cell Phone Companies

Cellular Phone Companies to Compare Wireless Plans are as follows: Boost Mobile plans has the lowest monthly fee of $50 ($1 more than Solavei comparison cellular phone plan) for unlimited talk, text, and data, however they don't share their profits with their customers like Solavei does. This is also true with Verizon, AT&T;, and Sprint, AND have higher monthly costs ranging in the $80 to $99. In addition, Verizon, may have unlimited voice and text but a limit of 1GB of cell phone data per month. AT&T; has unlimited text only and limits the monthly voice to 450 minutes and cell phone data to 3GB. There is no phone plan comparison to Solavei's cheapest cell phone plans.

TMobile phone plans are also one of the cheapest unlimited plans phone carriers with talk, text, and data for $50 monthly but, no profit sharing with customers.

Why Solavei's Unlimited Cell Phone Plans Save More Money Than Prepaid Phone Plans

One of the reasons people have moved to prepaid data plans to get to no contract cell phones as well as not waste cell phone services' minutes they don't use. There are no contracts cell phone plans with Solavei. And with the fixed amount of wireless phone minutes you get with prepaid phones, it only the one of cheapest mobile phone plans if you use less cell phone minutes than $49 worth which often doesn't happen. In addition, you also get charged minutes for incoming calls which can frequently be telemarketers. And then there are the minutes to access lengthy voice mail functions as well as the mail itself. It becomes quickly no longer one of the cheap mobile phone plans. Solavei has unlimited minutes.

Solavei's Cell Phone Family Plans Comparison
Simply said, with Solavei, you can sign up, not only family, friends, and co-workers into your network, you have no limit to how many. Although there is no 'real family phone plan' for each person pays the same activation and monthly fee, you do see savings by the earnings, and those earnings continue to grow as your network expands with no limit.

Even though other cellular phone family plans offered by mobile phone providers, the savings can't be directly compared. Not because the savings are in different forms: cash back rewards by Solavei versus direct savings by others, but because conventional family plans are fixed whereas Solavei trio team earning is not and spreads across everyone, even if not family. Solavei trio marketers can recruit anyone not already a Solavei customer. And just think: you get this super-cellular phone family plan on one of the fastest 4G T Mobile network as oppose to being on T Mobile family plans.

Which Wireless Phone Companies Still Require a Contract?

It used to be that you had to have a contract and got a locked phone specific to the cell phone services provider but that is going away in order for the big wireless phone companies to keep from losing their customers to more flexible mobile phone companies, often riding on a larger cell phone services providers network to get the same coverage. The prepaid phones caused some trouble on contracts as well as minutes management and this also drives these bigger wireless phone companies to change. In fact, some of them are even offering 'Pay As You Go' plans. Solavei offers no contract cell phone plans.

Solavei's Phone Plans Comparison

AT&T; seems to favor iPhone plans cell phones and support only a few others. Boost, Verizon, Sprint, and T Mobile phone plans phones supported are many in such as a variety of TMobile phones HTCs, Samsungs, Blackberrys, LGs, Motorolas, and the lists go on. The days when these large wireless phone companies were limited with supported wireless phones seems to be gone or going away with new technologies. Solavei only offers 3 new smartphone plans phones currently: HTC One S, HTC Wildfire S, and ZTE Origin, however it supports any unlocked GSM wireless phone.

Small and rising wireless phone companies such as Straight Talk and Spirit offer unlimited plans mobile phone supported: straight talk phones and spirit cell phones, respectively, but also other popular phones. Spirit has competitive prices for unlimited but still a bit higher than Solvei's. But still, "Solavei is a Better Way to Get the Best Mobile Phone Plans and Cheapest Cell Phone Services at a Great Price - Plus the Opportunity to Earn When You Share".

If you are looking for information on Solavei, click on the link. Or visit today!

If you are looking for information on Solavei, click on the link. Or visit today!

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If you are looking for information on Solavei, click on the link. Or visit today!

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